Anxiety nerves, panic attacks

angel123July 7, 2008

I have always had anxiety. Since i was 13. Looks more getting serious. I feel anxious tightening of the body, nerves, jittery, trembling ,nerves.I feel like not breathing panic attacks. I need a relax remedy I don't like taking drugs medicines. Any old remedy too help me relax and sleep?

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Breathing techniques can help alleviate anxiety. Look it up on the web, you can teach yourself.

Personally I am all for good old Xanax.

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You aren't drinking too much coffee or alcohol are you? Those can cause trouble. Do you avoid putting yourself in situations which cause you stress? Make sure you are getting exercise and taking care of yourself in every way you can.

I agree with Michelle. Do some internet reserarch on websites which provide solid information, like Mayo Clinic, for example.

Of course you don't like to take medication, no one does. However, there are many meds which have been used for years and so we understand their safety and side affects very well. Many are safe to take and could make you much more comfortable. It might be worth it.

Good luck.

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People close to me that suffer the same problems tell me that herbal remedies only partially help them (St. John's Wort, Valerian, Basil tea, etc.). Nothing does as much as Xanax which they also hate to take and being a controlled substance there are all the hassles to keep the prescription current... so you might want to explore yoga and herbal remedies WHILE you take drugs.

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Trianglejohn, I was thinking of yoga or herbal teas for Angel too! After my first post, Angel, your situation just stuck in my mind.

I recently got Back Care Basics from the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVD (Peggy Cappy). It's a workout to strengthen the back (who can't use that?), but there is a lot of relaxation training in it also including breathing techniques. Peggy Cappy has a pleasant, soothing voice, and there is no music, just her leading you gently through the stretches and relaxation. The DVD is readily available on ebay. Our local public TV channel sells it too, but it costs a lot more.

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During an attack try to focus on something physically very small and specific... it helps to rewire the brain waves to break you out of an attack. Look at your fingernails closely for example and try to come up with specifics or ways to decribe the smallest aspects of them.

I watched a PBS special that said anxiety attacks really can be controlled. Part of what you have to do is just tell yourself that what you are thinking is irrational... no matter how true you believe something to be at the time. You have to tell yourself that your brain is NOT thinking correctly and that although you are having these thoughts, they are not rational. You have to re-train you brain not to accept the irrational thoughts.

Another thing.. one of the biggest creators of attacks is the worry itself about having an attack and not being able to control it. I have heard a lot of people say that just having Xanax at home puts them at ease even though they never use it... they know they have it if they need it. I'm not saying you have to get the medicine, but realize that the fear of having an attack may be setting you off. If you can convince yourself they are not all that bad and that you won't die, you may be able to keep yourself from having them.

Try to keep stress out of your life. Many times aniexty attacks act up when your life is not so happy and peaceful. Can you work on that? Easier said then done, but something you may want to think about.

Try a little warm milk with sugar at bedtime to help you relax. Set up a good bedtime ritual so that your body will become relaxed as you are going through your ritual. Try to get enough sleep and accept that you will have some bad nights (don't worry about that on top of everything). Try to think about happy things and not let your mind wonder. Pick something you feel relaxed or that doesn't create tension thinking about... catch yourself and force yourself to go back to your happy thoughts it if your mind starts to wonder. It's all in training your brain to behave the right way for you.

Be sure to talk to your doctor if things stay consistantly bad.

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I also posted this on the Menopause forum. I've been getting lately what I call heart pounding in my gut, if that makes sense. I wake up during the night in a panic-like mode. I sit there and wait until it subsides, but it scares me. I usually take 500mg magnesium in the morning and another 500mg at night. I didn't take my nightly dose while I was on vacation recently because I was afraid of not being near a bathroom.

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I was taught breathing exercises to control them. They go like this. Panic attacks especially are usually hyperventilating and this will help.

At the very beginning when you are breathing fast, close your eyes, concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out though your mouth. Now while continueing to do this, count and inhale with nose to count of 2, hold for count of 2, exhale with mouth to count of 4. Then after a few of these, count inhale to the count of 3, hold for count of 3 and exhale with mouth to 6. After a few of these and when you are breathing a bit slower, inhale to count of 4 and hold to count of 4, exhale to count of 8 and by then you should be in control again...if not continue the 2/4 or 3/6 until you do.

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Socks is right about asking you about your caffeine habits. I cut out soda and it helped tremendously. Also, your blood sugar should be checked. I am hypoglycemic, my blood sugar drops below 100 and I get shaky and panicky. I am careful to drink juice or eat a piece of fruit every few hours.

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You should also consider being checked to see if you have a hiatal hernia. I know it sounds simple and unrelated but many people I know suffer for years with anxiety/panic attacks only to eventually be diagnosed with either a hiatal hernia or a sliding hiatal hernia. My problem is usually after I have rolled over in my sleep and slept on my stomach (that position pushes the top of my stomach up through my diaphram). You would think that the symptoms would be all stomach or esophagus related but they aren't. I get panicky and weird jittery sensations along with an impending sense of doom that can last for days - all because of how I slept.

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