A Post of Hope for Christians-LONG

lulie___wayneDecember 8, 2005

The following is a journal entry that I wrote today. I couldn't wait to get home to put it all into words. I wanted to share it with believers.

December 8, 2005

I received another gift from God today and couldnt wait to get home to put it in writing. What I will share with you could be debatable to some people as to whether it is merely coincidence or a major sign from God. I like to believe it is from God.

After we lost Christin, I had many signs. Some were truly significant and others were small, but meaningful to me.

I will tell you of a couple of them. About a month after Christin left this world, a friend of mineÂs son was in the military and based in Germany. His wife was very sick and my friend, Lauren was there to help her son and his wife. One evening, she was walking on a path on top of a mountain near where her son lived. It was late evening and the sun rays were shining through the trees. Lauren was praying intently for God to help her daughter in law get better. Suddenly, she felt a great sense of peace and knew that everything would be alright. At that moment, she looked to the left of the path in front of her and there was a fawn that crossed her path and went to her left. As she followed him, she saw Christin. The fawn ran behind where Christin was. Christin smiled at her with her usual beautiful smile and said, "Everything is going to be alright and tell everyone that IÂm alright". She then disappeared. Lauren was astonished and fell to her knees sobbing. The next day she went to the hospital and was told that her daughter in law was much better and would be released from the hospital soon. It took Lauren several months to tell us what had happened to her since she didnÂt know how we would take it. As she told us the story, tears streamed down her face. I had no doubts that what she told us was true.

Since LaurenÂs son Jacob, was in the military and she stated that the incident strengthened her faith, I have often wondered if maybe Lauren would lose Jacob and this was meant for her also to get her through it. I also knew that God used Lauren to help us. Hold these thoughtsÂÂÂÂ

Another incident that happened was on my first birthday after we lost Christin, I really wanted to go to Conyers, Georgia where there had been reported apparitions of the Blessed Mother. That morning as I awoke here in Watson, I told God that I knew that if he wanted to give me a sign from Christin, I could get it right here in my little town. I went to the cemetery and was fixing ChristinÂs flowers. I told her that if she was happy in heaven, I wanted to see a beautiful monarch butterfly just like the one that was flying over her grave the day she was buried. The second that I told her this and took my hands off of her flowers, a monarch butterfly lit on her flowers. To me, this was a sign from Chris and God and a wonderful birthday present.

This morning, I was walking near the entrance of Hobby Lobby to go look for a mat to put a portrait that someone had done of Christin. As I approached the door, there was a man trying to enter, but he had a large frame and a large carrying case and couldnÂt open the door. I told him I would open it for him. I opened both doors for him and we both entered. I continued to walk behind him since we were both going to the art section in the back of the store. I began looking at mats and he asked me if I would like to see his work. Of course, I gladly said that I would. He told me that he was searching for someone to make prints of his art work for him for a reasonable price. Just yesterday, I was thinking the same thing. The first thing he took out of his case was a beautiful portrait of Jesus on the cross. It was so beautiful. The next thing he took out was art work portraying a beautiful fawn looking face to face with a monarch butterfly which was on some broken wood as would happen if a tree was cut down or broken. (Christin was near a tree stump on the mountain). I couldnÂt take my eyes off of that art work. I told this gentleman the significance of the fawn and butterfly and told him what happened to Christin. At the end of our conversation, we shook hands and he held my hand, looked me in the eye, and told me that everything would be alright. He told me he would call me to let me know what he finds out about a price for making prints of my paintings.

I left the store very thankful that God had given me another sign and that the simple good deed of me opening the door for this man, led me to another realization that God is with us always and continues to speak to us if we just listen. I even wondered if this man could have been Jesus in disguise.

I proceeded to go pick up my dad for lunch. After we sat down to eat, my cell phone rang and it was Wayne (my husband), calling to tell me that LaurenÂs son, Darren, was killed last night.

Maybe my intuitions were correct and God really was trying to prepare Lauren for this dreadful journey that she is just beginning.

God is good, and even though he allows suffering and death in this world so that we can learn and become more like him, he is holding our hands the whole time. We need to always keep our eyes and ears open because he is there for us.

Lulie Cosby

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Wow, Lulie, that's some amazing stuff. I believe in signs, too, and if we keep our eyes and mind open to them, they are all around us. Blessings to you and your dear friend, who has a terrible sadness to bear now. I'm sure you will be a great comfort to her.

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What you have shared is powerful. Please know that your faith and testimony strengthens us all in our faith. I know my Lord is near, I know he hears my prayers, I know that he knows how much I am hurting, but maybe my sadness keeps me from seeing signs. I don't know, I just sure long for signs that my parents are in Heaven and are together. It would just bring me so much peace.
I am sad for your friend but I am glad that she has you to comfort her. Thank you for your words of comfort to us as well.

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Thanks for sharing this.......it was truly powerful.....is there a chance you can get a copy of the fawn and butterfly painting for yourself?
I also agree that the Lord will share with us what we need to make our grief more bearable. Have you heard of a book by Rebecca Springer called My Dream of Heaven? It was written in 1898 and is something she wrote after a near death experience....it has been one of the most comforting things I've read since my 13 year old, Alissa, passed away in May.
Again, thanks for sharing.......

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The man, Norman, told me that his work will be in an art show in a few days. I will see it again, I hope. I will offer him a price for the original and if it's too much, I'll buy a print when he gets them done. I would love to have one for Lauren also. That would be such a nice gift for her. We'll see.
We have to go to the funeral today. OH!! They are burying Darren just a few feet from Christin. They are head to foot. The funeral will not be easy for me. They never are, of course.
I'll keep you all posted.
I haven't ever read the book, "My Dream of Heaven". I will definitely have to read it. Thanks!!

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Lulie..thank you so much for sharing this! Thoughts and Prayers for your friend. The same God that is there for you (and your family) will be there for her and Jacob's family!!

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Thanks so much for sharing your story, Lulie. Sympathies to your friend for the loss of her son.

I don't believe in coincidences, just God-incidences.


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Thank you, Lulie. I, like Lydia, don't belive in coincidence. God bless you and your friend, Lauren.

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Thank you Lu, that was beautifull. I'm not sure what I belive
in anymore. I just know that I am still hurting over the
loss of my daughter Brenda. The holidays are not happy
anymore. God bless you and Lauren.

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I have been reading this forum since I lost my mom a few months ago. She was my very best friend and I loved her dearly. I would like to share my story. My dad passed away when I was 17 and through all the years I felt his presence. I had always thought somehow he was still with me. A few days before my mother passed away I had the most vivid dream that he was standing next to my bed just smiling down at me. He looked so wonderful. I told him that I missed him so much. After I woke up I felt so warm and wonderful. In the 24 years that he was gone I never had a dream like that, nothing even close to that experience. It really felt like he was in my room.

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What awesome stories...God is alive and performing His miracles every day, if only by sending a butterfly to answer ones prayer. We need to all keep Him alive in our
heart and share with others as each of you are doing...
God bless and envelope each of you with His love.

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I was talking to a friend of my son and DIL last night. She is from Africa. The other day in a dream she saw her older sister who had died years ago and another sister. She was worried and called her mother as soon as she could. The second sister had died also.

Her family was surprised when she called and did not tell her the news until she insisted they let her speak to her sister.

I told her that her sisters were letting her know they are together.

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Wow. Thank you all for sharing your stories. God is good.

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I am a new member, the mother of Darren B. who was called home by our heavenly father while on a motorcylce ride. Lulie spoke of my vision from her daughter Chirstian. I am being sustained by prayers and stories and that gift from God to send Christian with her smile. I pray that my son in heaven can bring a vision to someone in need. He was so full life and love. If you get a sudden urge to dance like no ones watching or sky dive or scuba dive or ride the waves on a surf board or play a football game with old buddies then maybe that is a little nudge from above...a devine intervention!

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