would you like to join in?

heydeborahDecember 17, 2008

would anyone of you like to have a prayer circle for our dear lost ones and for each other? if so please join me at 8 pm (that's where ever you live) this Saturday, December 20. there is no need to reply, just join in.


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I'm saying a prayer for my stillborn Granddaughter, who we lost in April, for all the other grandbabies that people lost this year, for our adopted brother Billy, and for all those who have come here to post their losses this year. I wish everyone a peaceful holiday and a better 2009!

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I am sorry that I missed Dec. 20 but I pray for my neighbor Kitty who just died Dec. 19 and her beloved family, my dearest husband who died Nov. 23 2006.I pray for everyone on this forum who has lost a loved one, our loved ones are in heaven, a peaceful, loving place, we who are left to carry on without them needs much prayer.
May God give His Blessings to everyone.

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Thanks and even though I am a new member here I think this is a very good idea. Since my brothers death in Oct. I have just professed my faith because loosing him made me the last living family member. So after living and working together for so many years and then me being his caregiver through his cirohsis years I felt If I didn't establish a close relationship with someone I would just fade away, so God and Jesus were available even to one like me who rarely paid attention before except to just believe.

I still feel uncomfortable around crowds and have a ways to go in my grieving process, but would like to join in the online prayer group and surely won't turn away the chance to try and help and get to know others going through their grieving process.


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