Wasp Sting

ivamaeJuly 25, 2005

A week ago to-day I was stung by a wasp. I immediately put vinegar on the spot ( I had just recently read to do this) and I took a 24 hour antihistamine. The stinging left immediately, however I still have a red sensitive area a little bigger in size than a quarter. It is a bit itchy and annoying. I would have thought this would have been gone in a few hours. It seems to me that a week is a long time. Do any of you have any suggestions?



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I have never had a bee sting disappear in a few hours, especially a wasp sting. When I get stung, mine will last for days. I think the red spot will slowly disappear, but you could help it along with an ice pack. Also try mixing a little baking soda in some water, making a paste and apply it to the red area.

Some people are severely allergic to bee stings. Have you ever been stung before?

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I haven't been stung since I was a kid and as I have now been a senior for a long time, that is ages ago. Over the years I have developed many, many allergies. As I have also had a sore mouth the last few days, I'm wondering if I should be concerned.

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ivamae, if it's been a week, and you are concerned, call your doctor or your doctors advise nurse. My mother has water features in her garden that seem to attract wasps, and has developed a more severe local (site of sting, not respiratory)sensitivity over the years. Treatment by her doctor has included antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, occasionally antibiotics. We do a nest search of her yard a few times per year now.

I haven't ever had a reaction to a bee or yellow jacket sting, but I tangled with a black and white (bald faced) hornet in my neighbors yard last week. The behind the ear sting turned white at the entry spot, and swelled instantly, gave me a one-sided headache. I called a friend who is a nurse, she said ice, 2 benadryl, 2 Advil immediately so did that within 15 minuets of being stung. The swelling went down within a few hours, but it was about 30 hrs before the flu-like feeling went away. I even have a light bruise now. I feel so fortunate I didn't have multiple stings; I raised my head from pruning some low things that are difficult for my elderly neighbor, huge hidden wasp nest right next to me in a 8' rhododendron.

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I talked to a pharmacist to-day and was told to rub hydrocortisone ointment on it 3 times a day and to take an antihistamine for a week and see if it goes away. She felt that it should be smaller than it is, after this period of time. I appreciate everyones input.

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Ivamae, be sure to drink lots of water with the antihistamine, and don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling sleepy or drowsy at odd times of day....

But I hope it and the cream work for you...Good luck! Darned stinging insects anyway, as if we meant them any harm...

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Same thing happened to me, itched like crazy for about a week and a half. Then went away.


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I'm glad to hear that I can expect that it may take that long to go away. Seems like a long time. It isn't really itchy anymore - just the red glob. I hadn't realized that it could take that long and still be all right.
thansk everyone

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Take a NSAID....an anti inflammatory....like advil or ibuprofin in the recommended doasge for headache...
It will stop the itching and greatly diminish the red spot.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda. Unfortunately, because of certan allergies, I am unable to take anti inflamatories for anything. However, I believe it is starting to fade. It is no longer itchy unless I am overly hot. Thanks for everyones suggestions.

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ivamae- if you're sensitive to anti-inflamatories, that's very possibly tied in with why you still have a reactive spot at the sting site.

the hydrocortizone cream is a good idea, ice ir ice packs do help, as does peppermint oil.

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i got stung 3 days ago and the exact same thing has happened it is the size of a 20c piece raelly itchy
zoe (13)

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I got stung by a red wasp on my ear while moving a trampoline. I'm highly allergic, have a epipen. My wife immediately gave me liquid benadryl and took vinegar soaked in a wash cloth and applied it to my ear. My heart rate was up from the anxiety of the sting so to be safe called ambulance. They checked my vitals said I seemed fine. Happened yesterday at 2 pm my left ear is very swelled and red, Itchy and hot all at the same time.

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I'm also very allergic & even have to take Benadryl for an ant or tiny cream colored spider bite. You probably should take Benadryl for couple of more days. These are toxins & they can build up in your body similar to way infections do. They don't always go away without help. I had a year of anti-bee venom but had to quit as my reactions were just about killing me! Lower arm was where they injected it & it swelled my arm up & itched & then I started getting really sick to my stomache so I told them I couldn't have last couple of injections. They agreed. So I got stung several yrs later & ended up in ER & they wouldn't give me epinephrine until I told them, I'm going to die, I'm not hearing you, you are off far away, my eyesight is going,blurry & dim,hives were worse & throat closing off. I told my neighbor that brought me in to tell husband to sue hospital as the shots didn't work & they aren't doing anything but watch me die,I told them my 2 kids needed me. That got their attention & I got the injection & was fine in about 30 min. I got stung couple yrs ago & scraped the stinger out,made it bleed & took 1 Benadryl as 2 sometimes makes my heartbeat too fast so always try just 1. Fire Dept came & BP was just 159/105 usually about 90/60, they checked me about 3 more times & it got down to 120/80 in that area & said they would feel better taking me but I said no, 1 fireman said you know you can have a serious reaction from this for up to a week. I laughed & said I always have reaction right away & after treatment just gets better & better. Went to bed that night woke up feeling strange, got up & site was red & itchy(usually can't even see where I've been bitten or stung)so I took 1 Benadryl OK until next afternoon, took another pill, this kept up until I finally took 2 Benadryl at same time & that killed off the toxins,so glad the fireman had said you could be fine & later get a reaction, I didn't know that. So carry Benadryl around with you for several days. If you are like me you always have the pills & epipen on you anyway. Hope it is better by morning.

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Hey I was out mowing my lawn and the same thing happend to me there was a basketball size hornet nest in a bush and didn't know before I figured it out I was stung in the calf at first it seemed to be fine but the next day there was a red itchy rash I'll do some of the suggestion s hopefully that works thanks

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I got stung by a wasp on Tuesday and it's still red and about the size of a half dollar. The itching is driving me insane because it also hurts a little. I've been stung by bees before but never a wasp and this was way more painful (especially since I was stung on the inside of my upper thigh in a sensitive area) I'm hoping it goes away soon!

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I googled for information about wasp stings after I was stung on the wrist. It said if the redness travels to my elbow go to the ER. I had to have a tetanus shot as my 10 year shot was overdue. Makes sense that you would need the shot because they use mud to build their home. The only treatment I used was calamine and a benedril tablet.

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