Lost mother Sept 2004

rachel67November 10, 2004

Thanks for the welcome Nell.

I just lost my mother in September (2004) after a three month battle with pancreatic cancer. She was my best friend. We also shared a new home together so needless to say the house is quite empty and sad. I'm just trying to muddle through one day at a time. I'm very lucky to have family all around me but right now we are all trying to find our own way through the grieving process. We were very lucky that she passed away at home surrounded by all her children and never had one hospital stay throughout this ordeal. We were able to do the same for my father 11 years ago when he passed away, keep him at home I mean.


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Rachel I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother. I know it'hard as I also lost my Mom June 2003 and my Dad Feb 2004. They lived next store to me for 3 years and DH and I had a great time taking care of them. I miss that so much. But they were ill and to see them sick and in pain was horrible. I wish my parents could have passed at home instead of the hosiptal. That was the worse. Like my Dad always said to me " I will say a prayer for you" and hope you find peace in this trying time.


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Rachel, I am so sorry. I also lost my mom recently. She left us on June 3, 2004. I believe that she suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. She had had Alzheimer's.
I know it is so hard. Some days I can't believe that she is really gone. I had dreaded it all of my life and now I am living it.
I know what you mean about being so glad that she could have died at home. I feel the same way. Mom never did have to go into the hospital either and I know so many that do. They suffer so much.
You are also included in my prayers. Please stick around so that we can get to know you and you may be of great help to others here. We all need each other.

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Rachel, keep those wonderful memories of your mom as your best friend close to heart. I am in the same situation. After 18 months, the hurt has eased a little, but I still miss her terribly.

Take care.

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Dear Rachel,
You gave your Mother such a wonderful gift...to be able to finish her life among those she loved. Nonetheless, life can be sad and lonely. Other people don't fill the empty space.
My Mother died 18 months ago after a long illness, also at home. Monday Nov.15 is her birthday. Now thru the holidays is such a sad time. My heart goes out to you. Derry

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Thank you very much to all who responded. You know very well the special grief that comes when losing a parent. My very dear and special friends have been wonderfully supportive but none of them has lost a parent so they don't quite fully understand how deep this can affect you. That's the wonderful thing about siblings, we barely have to say anything to know we are all feeling the same. Just one look to each other and we know, "it's that kind of day".

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((Rachel)) Your last post sure tells the tale for a lot of us - I know where you're coming from.

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I know your pain. I lost my mom in September, after a 9 month battle with brain cancer. This past year has been very difficult, to say the least. It was on Thanksgiving last year that I noticed she was acting "weird" and that something was off. Not long after that, the symptoms really began to manifest themselves.

Her birthday is on December 2 and mine is on the 8th, not to mention Xmas following not too far behind. So I am envisioning an especially difficult month ahead. Needless to say, I am not much in the holiday spirit, but I will be at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving.

Mom was my best friend and we only lived 1 mile apart. This whole year has been a series of little losses, starting from when I couldn't really communicate with her, and then the one big loss when she finally left.

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I also lost my mother this year and the holidays will be a very sad reminder for me...Her birthday is Nov 27 and on that date in 2002 she had a breast lumpectomy. Prior to the surgery the pre-op xray showed a mass in her lung. She had 2/3 of her lung removed the follwing Feb 27 2003 (my birthday).
Last Christmas she declined very fast and was told on New Years Eve 2004 that it had spread to her brain. She had a massive seizure that day on the way home from the hospital and was in a semi-conscious state until she passed away on Jan 10th. This will be her first birthday and holiday season without her and it still hurts. It has gotten better, but it still hurts especially at this time of year. My heart goes out to all of you who will be missing their loved one at this difficult time of year.
Thanks for being here for me to vent.

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