Arthritis in hands

Linda GiorgiJuly 23, 2010

My husband has very bad Arthritis in his hands. He went to the doctor and she said to take advil. He rubs his hands at night with icy hot. He said it helps. Is there anything else that you might know to help him with the pain in his hands?

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There are 3 herbal suppliments that help arthritis.

Celedrin which lubricates the joints--and--
Glucosamine and Chondrotin. Glucosamine plumps up what cartiledge is there and Chondrotin which builds new cartiledge. These last 2 are sold in one pill or separate.

The pain from Arthritis comes because the cartiledge that cushions the bones is gone or worn thin and the bones actually rub together.

After an accident I couldn't put weight on one leg for 6 weeks. As a result I developed arthritis in my good knee. My doctor signed me up for Phisiotherapy, but due to circumstances I couldn't go for a month. I had heard about glucosamine so I consulted my Pharmacist. He recommended that I take the combined drug of Glucosamine and Chondrotin. I did and took the full dosage recommended on the bottle. By the time my Physiotherapy appointment rolled around I was pain free. I did take the treatment though just to learn exercises in case it came back.

I know people who take the Celedrin instead or with Glucosamine and they say it does help.

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Linda Giorgi

Thank you for all the information.

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Do you have arthritis? Have you tried Glucosamine--the full dosage?

I know from experience that it does work. If it is no better than a placebo then explain this. For 4 years I took the full dose as is recommended and had no pain. I took no other medication for anything. The only thing I did take were vitaminD and Calcium.

After a few years, I got lax with taking the glucosamine. Some days I would take none other days 1 or 2 and occasionally the full dose. This went on for about 6 months. The pain in my knee returned with a vengence. I started taking the full dose again. In a couple of weeks the pain subsided and eventually went away.

There has not been a conclusive study done on Glucosamine only half baked ones. Some of them said it was wonderful others said it was no good. You can quote studies until the cows come home,I know it worked for me and it was no placebo effect.

On second thought why should I even justify things for a SPAMMER

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Emotional Freedom Technique" EFT

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I would not call Glucosamine & Chondroitin a placebo. However, like any treatment, it doesn't work for everyone. Case in point, my best friend would not be without her G & C supplements, but they did nothing for my husband's arthritis. Some G & C supplements also contain natural anti-inflamatories like ginger root extract and green tea leaf extract that may help soothe arthritic joints. You need to shop wisely and carefully to get a supplement made by a reputable company.....and that may or may not be the one your doctor recommends.

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G & C does work and I can also attest to that. As to not working for everyone, I suggest that those who think it didn't work did not take it long enough to see the benefit. It took at least six weeks for me to notice a difference and have talked to others that took more or less time. Not everyone is the same. My Orthopedic Surgeon recommends it and the dosage he prescribed was 1500mg gluc and 1200 chond. I have had one knee replacement and still have one that probably needs replacing. If I stop taking my G&C that knee will begin to "catch" and cause excruciating pain. As long as I keep up the G&C it doesn't. So, if you don't mind, spammers, I'll continue to do what I know works for me.

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Just another vote for Glucosamine! I have arthritis in my lower back which used to be very painful. I started taking Glucosamine, Chindroitin & MSM (combined tablet) and it has done wonders. The brand I take is Vitamin World. It took about four weeks for pain relief. I, too, like Oilpainter, decided to take a break from it and it made me a believer. I also have to take care of myself and that means no lifting. If I do something stupid like lift a grandchild and have a flare up, I add two aleve in the morning and two in the evening for a couple of weeks to relieve the inflamation.

Also from the studies I've seen, the jury is out on the effectiveness, but seems to get the most noticeable improvement from those who have the most severe cases. My doctor recommended it and said it can't hurt. Hope that helps and your husband find some relief!!

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