Gallbladder removal

sasha7July 25, 2013

I am going to have my gallbladder removed next Tuesday. I am looking for sympathy/empathy as I am afraid. What am I afraid of? That from what I read on the Internet (which one should never do!) that it won't help, that I'll still be in pain and having all the other issues (weird BM's, gas, belching, vomiting, etc.), that missing so much work (I work as a nurse on a very physically demanding floor complete with having to lift patients, etc.) that now I'll be pegged as the one that causes problems for being sick (the world of nursing is not sometimes the most caring field at least for nurses!), that I don't know... I've seen a lot of infections from so-called "easy" surgeries like gallbladders and hernia operations. In short, I'm afraid. I felt better when I first talked to the surgeon and then like I said, my mind just has gone wild. It sucks! I do pray and I depend on prayer... just write me if you've been through this and let me know it's going to be OK! Thanks, Sasha

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My sister in law had it done and she is fine. My cousin as well. Whenever I read online about an upcoming procedure I get all worked up too. And in the end it's painless and you're so much better afterwards! Just won't have pain after eating icecream!!! Let us know how you made out. It's amazing how minimally invasive procedures are now, and how much less recovery time is needed. Good luck!

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I took care of my friend after her surgery. The actual procedure was surprisingly simple and she came after one night in the hospital. However, she did not follow doctor's orders to rest and recover, had a bad setback and took twice as long to recuperate. Listen to your doctor and give yourself the time you need to recover entirely. Good luck. You'll be fine.

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Well, I had the surgery Tuesday outpatient and had complications from the anasthesia -- so went in to surgery around 9:30, but then because of the complications could not leave until 4 pm. It was pretty awful and they should have kept me overnight but did not. So... I was alone that night at home, getting up every 4 hours to take pain meds. It's been three days and it's been pretty awful. The pain is unremitting and I have never taken so much pain medicine in my life. I have nausea off and on and am not hungry at all. I cannot believe that people get up and go back to work after three days of this! We are all different though. I am pretty healthy (or was until all this), but one thing I know is that the things that people say, oh it was so easy... are never easy for me... I hope and pray that I start feeling better because right now I feel awful.... some of that is the pain medicine... it really does something to your thinking...I am blessed though in that I have friends who have been checking on me. Thanks for your notes- I appreciate this message board! Sasha

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I had the laproscopic gallbladder surgery some years ago, had 3-4 tiny incisions, bandaids -no stitches- ?staples & went home the same day!! Was a bit of discomfort- not bad (& I do NOT like any pain!). Had years of 'indigestion' but no ultrasounds detected any stones; then the last ultrasound showed ? 'sand'. Surgery produced a big handful of small stones! Been find since & can eat anything! Didn't need a gallbladder-glad it is gone-no worry about emergency rupture! Had the appendix removed at time of another surgery much as the Dr. protested 'they don't remove normal organs anymore' (I won)! Well, the normal appendix was sent to pathology as usual.... & the report came back as having a carcinoid tumor inside the 'normal' appearing appendix! Am glad both are gome... didn't need either and am fine without either of them, thank you!
Am sure you will be just fine & recover well & feel so much better afterwards! No, I wasn't allowed to keep any of the 'stones' as souveneirs!! Years ago... as I'm sure you had heard... most people were in the hospital; nearly a week after that surgery!

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Just a follow up... and thanks for the messages... it helps me to know others' stories! I am post op nine months. I have an incisional hernia that came about post op three months because I worked as a nurse and had to lift heavy patients... even with help from others it's a risk. Sometimes I still have some of the symptoms I had before the surgery... but I find that if I absolutely avoid greasy foods and certain other things, I seem to do ok. I am working on losing weight and trying to increase exercise. I joined TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) and that has been very good for me. Again thank you! Sasha

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