Unknown disease???

flowergirl70ksJuly 7, 2008

My son-in-law is deathly ill and has been on narcotics for 7 months now. He has had every test known to man I think. They have ruled out lots of things, including cancer. His symptoms are he feels like he is burning up on the inside. This is all through his torso. He has now reached the stage where he can't stand to wear a shirt or have anything touch him. Nothing shows on the outside, they have ruled out inside shingles. They thought it was some sort of auto-immune disease, but no treatment for that has worked either. He now is beginning to get sick when he eats. If anyone has ever heard of anything like this,please answer.

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Gosh, I have no good ideas. Here are some random thoughts..

Could it be an internal flushing type problem?
--Could he be high on niacin...which is a b vitamin I think and can cause painful flushing? Is there a medicine he takes that could be causing this?

Burning causes me to think of "allergy". Has bendryl or those type of medicines helped his condition at all. Of course, check with your doctor before trying.

Does diabetes run in the family? Could it be nueropathy or a circulation problem or even a hormonal or lack of sweating issue?

Again, I have no real idea what could be wrong. The only real suggestion I have for you is to have him seek out other/second opinions. Living with a condition like that without knowing the cause has got to be frustrating. He needs to seek out a doctor that will help him and not settle for anything less.

Let us know if you find out anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flushing

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You must be so worried. I haven't any idea of the cause of your SIL's illness, but I did read an article recently that in cases like this we should not be afraid to continue to get additional opinions from other doctors, major medical centers, anywhere else that the doctors might have had experience with whatever condition your SIL is suffering.

I'm sorry for your family's trouble.

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I suffer from allodynia, which is an intense feeling of burning on the skin, (like a severe sunburn), but there is nothing there. It just involves my legs and came on very suddenly after I slightly injured my back while gardening. A doctor told me it is rare, but sometimes after even a mild injury the nervous system will over-react and send out false messages throughout certain nerve paths. For me, it manifests as phantom burning sensation in my legs. It hurts to wear pants, but I just try to ignore it. I have no idea if your SIL's illness could be something like this, but I hope they will be able to get a diagnosis soon so he can get relief from his symptoms.

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I would recommend that you consult a certified homeopathic practitioner. Homeopaths have a different method of diagnosing and treating disease, and they are often surprisingly effective. Homeopathic medicines are natural, nontoxic and recognized by the FDA. I have been using homeopathy myself for over 19 years and have not needed a drug--not even Tylenol--since I started. Especially considering that there is no conventional solution for your son-in-law, you have nothing to lose.

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Parsonage-Turner Syndrome or brachial amytrophic neuralgia is a rare autoimmune disease that I had and was hard to diagnose.I had a cancer before the paralysis in arms & shoulder blades.Burning is the main bad sympton & Neurontin helped plus cold packs.Perhaps a neurologist,like in my case,could research & check this out.There's no cure,it can come back in same places & others.They tried immunoglobulins on me-no change.I can't take too many druigs so Tylenol & rest,a cane,walker help the numbness now in feet & legs.Wheel chair next.They call it polyneuropathies & I've had EMGs,PET,Ct,nuclear.MRIs,blood et al for 2 years-no solution.Hope they find one in your case.

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