Hearing and Seeing Loved Ones After They Have Passed Away

thegiftedoneNovember 27, 2007

Hello, My name is Melanie. It began in the year of 1977 when my nephew, Kolby, who was a twin died in a fire in the one of the bedrooms in which we live in the house now. The morning of the funeral where we were currently living at that time, I woke up hearing voices of children playing in our living room. I touched my husbands hand and woke him up and told him to listen. He heard the voices, too. Then our bedroom suddenly got really cold and a voice came out saying " morning Aunt Melanie and Uncle Mark". We both embraced and cried and then began hugging. It was our nephew "Kolby" for sure. The same voice we had never forgotten. We used to babysit the twins all the time and they used to play in the living room laughing all the time.

His other twin, "Karlen" still to this day talks to him. I always thought that there was a special connection with these two and always will. Then in 1989, my mother-in-law passed away of a heart attack in our bathroom where we're living now. Same house where Kolby lived. We have seen her floating the halls with her housecoat on many times and at first I thought it was my daughter. But, then when I called out my daughters name, she wasn't at home. My husband saw her floating through our bedroom several nights and she went directly into the bathroom. One afternoon while my husband was laying down stairs watching television, he heard a phone ringing in the laundry room. Of course, we had a phone in there, but, it wasn't hooked up. Mark got up and answered it and it was his mother talking to him telling him that everything was alright and not to worry. It really freaked him out for a long time. I always had dreams for years about the doorbell ringing and I would get up out of bed and answer the door and she would be there as I opened the door and then she would come in and say, "Hello, Ms. Mellie". I loved her so much and miss her so dearly. Sometimes, I would feel a hand touch my shoulder while I was doing the dishes. She was like a mother to me. Her husband passed away five years later from Alzhiemers disease. We loved him a great deal, too. At times, we would see him walking out of our bedroom through the hallway and holding little Kolby. Then they would just fade away. In 2001, my sister-in-law was 33 and was dying of cancer. I was there holding her during her last few minutes. My brother was trying to talk to her and I told him it was her time to go. It was so hard to have someone so wonderful and loving to die in your arms like that. I loved her so much. She'll always be in my heart forever. I often had visits from her and heard her voice call out my name several times. My brother still goes to her grave site and has seen her periodically. My second cousin passed away soon afterwoods. His name was Jack. We always talked about fishing. We were just starting to sit down to eat dinner and the fan light was blinking off and on for several minutes. I thought to myself, something is wrong. Five minutes later, my mother called me and told me that Jack had passed away in the hospital. In 2005, my Uncle Junior passed away. This was my moms brother. It was very sad. We all had a rough time with his passing. In 2006, my moms sister died of heart failure; two months later my moms other brother died of lung cancer. It was devestating for me. Then this year in August 2007, my Dad died of liver cancer. This really tore me up. I still think of him to this day. I have seen him several times. My other brother's and sister's have seen him too. I even see him in my dreams riding a bus looking at me and telling me that he wants to come home. So, I do believe in the afterlife and do know that spirits rome after they die. They are lost at some point and don't know where to go, but, they find their way back to their family to check on them. Something brings them back which is a good thing. I know that they are not hurting anymore. I think they are angels watching over us. It's hard to know that they are not with us whole again, but, in spirit it makes me smile.

May God Bless everyone and always keep their love and memories in your heart forever.

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What wonderful experiences!! Thanks for sharing.

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My father died in September, 2006. He had lung cancer, went into remission, then suffered a stroke, and continually weakened. On Labor Day, 2006, he was admitted to the hospital for tests, which revealed that the cancer had returned and there was nothing else to be done. He died at a hospice on September 16th. He never complained, except when he said he knew he wouldn't be going home again and that he didn't want to be alone (we vowed he would never be alone and kept true to that promise.)

After the funeral I stayed with Mama to help her with all of the things that needed to be done. The first night I slept in Daddy's bed. I was in a deep sleep and felt the mattress on the side of the bed "give," as if someone was sitting by me. It was so real to me, and didn't scare me, because I felt his presence.

Fast forward to last week. Mama came to visit us for the week and we were sitting outside on the patio, talking about Daddy, when all of a sudden, we saw a shooting star.

Perhaps we read too much into signs like these, perhaps not. All I know is it gives us such peace, and that's all that matters.

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