painful heal pain

geminigirlJuly 30, 2007

I have had pain in the back of my heal, ( NOT the Bottom of my foot, ) for over a year now. It is not a blister or anything having to do with the skin. ( I tried to move myself by scooting on one foot, not using the other leg at all because of knee surgery. ) Something very painful happened at the back of my heal, I still cannot wear a shoe with a back--too painful--It hurts if I bang the area, or even if I have walked too long. I went to a Podiatrist, who then sent me to physical therapy. The stretches and suggestions from the therapist have not helped me. I do not want to see the the podiatrist again.

Has anyone else had anything like this?? Or any suggestions? Thanks.

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Is it your achilles tendon? You might need a steroid injection to help it heal. Did they take xrays?

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My Dr. tried to put me into a boot and a shoe, but they both have backs and I could not walk in either of them without -pain-. He then sent me to a podiatrist. Achilles tendon was never mentioned by any of the Drs. or the therapist. I knew that I needed to go in a different direction. No x-rays were taken. But they will be soon, thanks to your advice, I will call my Dr. I just hope it's not too late for me. Thanks soo much!!!

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This sounds like plantar fascitis. If you search this forum under that term, you will find 4 different threads about this, with lots of good information!

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Hi geminigirl,
Could it be a Calcium Spar?(not sure if this is right spelling) I have heard that our body sometimes releases calcium within the body--that gets deposited on the bone itself and causes pain. I had such pain with my right heal. I started using Dr.Scroll's foot gel(at Walmart)--it helped me a bit. Try for a while and let us know if this helps you.

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Plantars is on the bottom of the foot, not the back of the heel.

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The foot and all the muscles/tendons around it can be a challenge to figure out.....unless you're a foot profession/physical therapist. You can have a pain at one end of your foot, and its caused from something at the other end (or even a shortened calf muscle). I fear you just haven't seen the right doctor yet. My experience with podiatrists has run the continuum from totally useless to absolutely a miracle don't give up hope. You just have to keep looking.
I personally have found podiatrists to be much better than orthopedic docs. I don't know why.
Don't give up. I spent quite a while in total pain, unable to hardly walk (with plantar fasciitis), and once I found the right podiatrist, he fixed it. I was finally pain free! It included a steroid injection to start with, and then custom inlays that I wore all day, every day. I eventually didn't need them anymore.
You might also have to be on NSAIDS for awhile, if you can tolerate them.
Good luck to you!

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I was told by the physical therapist that I had very tight tendons and they just needed to be stretched out. But that just made my heal worse! This time at the Drs. office I will have many questions to ask before he does anything. Like what does he think it is, and is he going to x-ray or MRI. the heal. No more pushing me off to therapy before I know what I'm dealing with, and so does the Dr. Thanks Everyone

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