Corn Huskers Lotion???

LibbyLizJuly 13, 2009

Anyone here who knows about/remembers the Corn Huskers Lotion, still uses it...???

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Yep, I remember it! Haven't used it in years, but thanks for the memory! Guess it didn't work very well for me or I'd still be using it.

For my face I like Pond's Dry Skin cream (use very sparingly)

Anything by Vaseline for general body.

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It's still around. I had a coworker who refinished furniture as a second job. He refused to wear gloves and would come in with beet red chapped hands. I bought him a bottle for his desk and he seemed to like it. Mainly because it wasn't girly smelling like the lotion I had on my desk. (He used it girly smell and all)

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Yeah, I see it at WalMart & it's cheap.

I wonder if my dad still uses it. His parents did. I wasn't able to get in touch with him about this last weekend.

I'm still trying to figure out what each ingredient does or is supposed to do.

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They still sell it but I'm not wild about it. Its kinda slimy.

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"Its kinda slimy."

LOL I hear you!

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