Best Grout Sealer for TEC Premium Accucolor grout

susanlynn2012August 10, 2014

I think I will post this on both the Flooring Forum and the Kitchen Forum in case someone with ideas or knowledge sees it.

So far, all the installers do not want to use the Laticrete Spectralock grout that I wanted to use for my kitchen. One installer says he can use any type of grout but can't start for a few weeks and of course is a lot more money and I have to buy the grout. I want to do the kitchen floor before the wood floor so I will not damage the wood floor.

I was given three installers' names that were highly recommended by my tile company and one installer's next big job was pushed off for a few days so he can start Monday (tomorrow) and finish Tuesday. I need to get this kitchen tile job done so I can start the wood floors in the next three rooms. I was comfortable with this installer's experience and knowledge of what I wanted done and what he can or can not do and he is providing the TEC grout for free but it is my responsibility to seal it in 72 hours if I want it sealed. If I do not like how two of the TEC colors dry, he will let me use the Laticrete Permagrout in the Mushroom color I wanted to use but he prefers the AccuColor TEC grout and told me the Antique white is not as gray as the plastic stick and will dry a little lighter and less gray.

I told him he could start tomorrow since he called on Saturday and told me he would need to start Monday or I would have to wait a few weeks if I want to have him do my tile floor. The other two installers cannot start for a few weeks.

If I use this TEC regular grout, what sealer is best to use and do I wait 72 hours? How is it best to apply? I plan to seal the grout often if it needs to be done.

AccuColor's website has a 100% Silicone Sealant but I think his is just for water & not for stain resistance? It also is low Voc but still has Voc's in it.

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Sophie Wheeler

If he likes TEC products, get him to use Power Grout. Otherwise wait for the guy who will do epoxy.

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Hollysprings, I just realized I forgot to crosspost to the Kitchen Forum. Thank goodness I got your post. I told the installer after 5 PM when he called on Saturday that he could start on Monday but now I am getting so nervous as I want a floor easy to keep clean. He says the Power Grout still stains and is not worth the cost and is more difficult to use. I did do some research on it and in 2010, many installers were having so many problems with the Power Grout coming out when showering and staining feet. Maybe it has been improved?

The first installer wanted me to pick up the Power Grout myself making his price $700 more.

Also I am looking over the other estimate I got a few hours earlier before this installer called and it says that this other installer would prime the floor and supply the primer before installing the tile so maybe that is why the estimate is $300 more. This other installer says I am to buy my own grout. I did not consider him as his reply on when I asked what the grout width would be was that it would not be more than 1/4". I want a think grout line. The other two installers told me they would try to get as thin of a grout line as they can ONCE they assess the situation after they remove the Linoleum floor and see how flat the surface is and how the tiles are when they are placed on the floor in the running bond position.

Now I am getting confused as I did say he could start and I felt so comfortable with the installer but I wonder if my floor needs to have a primer on it and I wonder if the other guy could install the Epoxy grout also without charging me more than the $300 more IF I buy the grout which I know is expensive. He would have to tell me how much to buy.

The guy that is coming on Monday is supplying the TEC grout with the job and was one of the installers given to me by the store.

My Spectralock grout has never turned colors and the front foyer still looks almost new since installed at the end of December 2008. The middle foyer where I keep the puppy pads is staining from the pee from my little dogs and it is difficult to keep clean but never turns black like I see in so many houses with light grout.

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Sophie Wheeler

Primming the floor sounds like he intends to install over the linoleum. Not a good option. The floor prep needed to create that flat surface cannot be fully known until the old floor comes out, so that installer is correct on that count. But whomever brought in his long level and checked out how flat the floor was at the present would have a leg up in the evaluation.

But none of these guys sound like they are giving you the job you want, so I wouldn't hire any of them. Wait until you find the guy who will work with the epoxy grout. Don't be bullied into accepting something you don't want. Hold out for the right guy. That you haven't met yet.

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The installer I was going to hire, is doing a great job and listened to my concerns and just installed the Tec Power Grout in the Antique Color, He is also going to seal it for me with an approved sealer that is supposed to not change the color to give it extra protection per Tec since I called them. He would have installed their chemical stain proof commercial grout for me but it would have to be ordered and would take a week and we needed to finish the job now.

I am loving how my new floors looked and I am glad I just did not let him install the regular Tec grout. I will take pictures when the appliances are put back.

I wanted the Epoxy grout but I did read how difficult it was to work with and none of the installers had time right now.

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Is TEC power grout safe for polished marble

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