Very prolapsed bladder

ivamaeJuly 12, 2006

Who is needed - a gynecologist or a Urologist?


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A gynecologist is what you need. There are gynecologists who specialize in problems like yours. And there is a good chance that you also have a prolapsed uterus. In most cases correction can be made without an actual incision.

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In my case, I do not have a prolapsed uterus as I no longer have a uterus, in fact. I had very extensive surgery years ago. My gynecologist feels I am not a cnadidate for more surgery. Pessaries have not been the answer. What other options are there? It is not a fun situation.

I really wondered wheher this was the field of a gynecologist or a urologist or if maybe a urologist could be more helpful.

Thanks for your reply gazania

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Sounds like you've answered your own question, gynecologist feels your're not a canididate for more surgery, so see the urologist.


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The 'surgery' to correct a prolapsed bladder is done through the vagina. Sometimes as an outpatient or just one day in the hospital. The surgeon would be a gynecologist. I had it done in January. I spent one night in the hospital as was back to par in less than a week.

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The usual surgery now is through the vagina. Some of the older doctors never learned the newer technique. Unless you have had some major reconstructive surgery in that area, I don't see why he is ruling out more surgery. At least for your own peace of mind, get a second opinion from either an urologist or another GYN.

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Thanks for all your concerns. Yes, the problem is that I have already had very major reconstructive surgery in the area. He doesn't feel it wise to try to attempt more and expect satisfacory results.

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Do get a second opinion to make sure you know all your options. In 2002 I was in surgery for 6 hours to repair a cystocele, a severe rectocele and complete tear of the vaginal wall. At the time a hysterectomy was done also. This surgery was done through an abdominal incision. I then spent 2 weeks in a rehab hospital before I could come home. This past January, I had to have more work on the rectocele, plus a bladder suspension. This was done vaginally. A new procedure that my doctor (from UPMC Hospital in Pittsburgh) has done research on worked wonders. I hope you find the help you need to correct this problem.

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