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photobobJuly 7, 2004

My blood pressure has been pretty good up until now. But recently it is creeping up there, not serious, but rising. My Doctor is aware and not overly worried, but he has prescribed some light meds, and scheduled some additional testing.

He suggested I get a home BP monitor to keep a closer eye on it. Well, the choice is somewhat daunting. Eliminating the "manual" cuff thingies, the choice of "automatic" devices is still overwhelming. I've heard the wrist models should be avoided as they're not as accurate.

Anyone have experience with the automatic units? I'd like keep the costs down, but do want an automatic device, and something reliable and accurate.

Suggestions would be appreciated!

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I have a SunMark Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and it works very well. I had it checked at the doctors office and was very close to the number that they took. I think I paid around $60.00 dollars for it a year ago. This monitor is very simple to use. You place the cuff around your arm, press the on button and a few seconds later press start and then you will get the systolic # and the diastolic # and the pulse reading per miniute. Hope this helps.

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We have had an Omron set for years. It has a cuff that you wrap around your upper arm. It's attached to a reader sort of thing. You push the On button and it does the rest.

The main thing is not so much that it reads exactly as the doctor's, but that you can keep track of whether or not your BP is going up or down. A few points off isn't going to matter.

It's important that you measure it at the same time everyday. The first thing in the morning is a good time. Before you have had your coffee. Normal BP will vary depending on the time of day, activity level and things like that.

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Thanks to both for the input!

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I have recently started having a problem with my BP. The doctor put me on meds. I just purchased a:
Omronî Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
with Easy Wrap Cuff and Intellisenseâ¢
$64.99 at Costco. It works great and is so easy to use.

On meds I have gone from high BP to now quite low. My last reading was 91 over 64.

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