Current deals - who wins - Home Depot or Lowes?

karynAugust 24, 2013

We're looking for about $1000 worth of carpet, pad, installed.

HD has a free pad upgrade over $1000.

Not sure what costs are of installation any more. HD used to be like $39. Lowes is like $100 or something.

Anyone know of any other current deals out there between these two, all-in-one big box stores?

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They both subcontract out their business to local companies. I'd take the quote to some other store and see what they offer.

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Sophie Wheeler

NEVER use either one. Look to a real flooring store.

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I've had carpet installed by Lowe's several times, with good results. I don't know why hollysprings is so against them.

Deals actually vary by local market. The "$99 whole house install" deals tend to happen in an area when one store does it, the other matches it. It's not universal/nationwide.

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Looks like HD wins in this case due to the free pad upgrade then.

No reason to hate big box stores, they sell inexpensively and do just fine in my experience. The"real" flooring stores can't compete and usually come in about double in cost. Though I just did spend $15K in wood flooring in a "real" store only because the big box guys couldn't get the product we wanted.

If I were just a little more patient and willing to hire subs, I'd buy my own materials online and hire an installer myself and cut out all the middlemen and taxes.

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