Cataract Surgery Questions

jemellinJuly 14, 2009

I will be needing cataract surgery and would like to hear from anyone who has had this done! I am very nervous about this and what to expect. Any comments appreciated and thanks.

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My mother had both eyes done quite some time ago. She asked me to go with her for the first one and I did. It was such a breeze for her she didn't ask me to go for the second one. (I don't think the doctor knew she drove herself home that day.) I also think the procedure was worse on me than her. I won't go into explanantions here as there has to be advancements in procedure since Mom had it done in the late '70's. Your doctor will explain everything that happens and be sure he answers all your questions.

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DH had his done about a year ago, no glasses except for reading and no problems. Friend had hers done about 2 months ago, again no problems. Doctors here have developed some very good procedures no stitches, (sealed by glue) just a very tiny slit and they liquify the lens, pull it out, and slip in the new lens. Patch for 24 hours, then plastic hood at night. According to the article in the newspaper, these Dr's have done over 50, 000 of these operations without a single infection. Dr. William is one of the best and has developed some sort of plastic shield that completly seals the eye for 24 hours which then disolves so nothing gets into the eye.

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Had both eyes done a couple of years ago. Waited a few weeks inbetween surgeries. I didn't have to wear a patch or do anything special except eye drops every four hours. I needed dark glasses in the car going home from the hospital and if I went out for several days afterwards.

I think the major warning was to refrain from rubbing my eyes. I still have to wear glasses because my eyes don't have the same focal point. Other than that, I see very well.

There was really not much to do. I wore ordinary clothing, just removed my shoes. Then they started an IV and I went to sleep. I woke up later when a nurse said, "It's time to wake up." My husband came up to the gurney, put my shoes on for me and took me home. I slept the rest of the day.

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Thanks for all the comments I really appreciate them!

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My husband had surgery this week and he had a lens put in for close up vision and the other eye will be for far sighted vision. He has 20/20 vision in the close up eye. He was put out for the block and was awake for the surgery. He didn't feel anything. Just seen some flashes of light.

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Has anyone had it done when the lens was attached in the back. The doc told me I was at a higher risk than most people, so I am putting it off until it affects passing my driver's test and until poor eye site is worth the risk.

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Just wanted to give an update on my surgery. Had both eyes done in the last 2 weeks. Lens in 1 eye for closeup and the other eye for distance. What a difference in my eye sight!! Went for a follow up today and they said I was healing good go back in 2 weeks. Should not need and glasses and I wore contacts for almost 25 years. I was awake for the surgery no problem at all....whole thing from the time I can in to the time I walked out was less than 2 hours. The biggest part of that was the prep for the surgery. So if anyone needs this go for it. Thanks for all the replies.

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Just had both eyes done 3 weeks apart. I wore progressive lenses before which allowed me to see at all distances. Now I can see far off very well but for anything at middle distances I need one pair of readers and for close up I need a different pair. I'm told I shouldn't get new glasses for 6 months because things will change. So now I juggle glasses all day long and it's really a pain. I will go back to wearing progressives at the earliest opportunity.
One more thing. I never realized before how nicely my glasses camouflaged the shadows under my eyes. Without glasses viewers see my shadows and wrinkles much better.

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I started my surgery Jan 27 this year and took the left eye 3 months to heal before the second eye was done. My left eye was a high risk eye and took him twice as long to do it. There was a hole behind the lens that he removed and a danger of the replacement lens being sucked into the hole. April 15th I had the right done and had a prescription for glasses a month later. I need glasses, my left could not be improved with glasses but the right eye could. I am lucky to be able to see out of the left eye. I do have good vision now.

I recommend anyone having a cataract removed..... do not buy the $1,100 special lens for astigmatism. I should not have. I have had astigmatism all my life and it was no problem ever.

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I have to have sx for cataracts and have to decide between the multifocal or monofocal lens.
Is there anyone who has had this sx in the PAST 6-12 months who can offer some advice?
It seems to me that you have to make a series of compromises with the multifocal (i.e., halos, glare, intermediate vision, visual contrast, night vision impairment, etc--including the cost).
Is the multifocal lens worth it--because I have the impression that most people choose it in order to get as close as possible to eyeware independance and are willing to make a series of compromises (glare, halos, etc) to do so?

The eyes are so important and any informed help you could provide would be appreciated---Thank you,

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I have never heard of those things. I was just offered the special lens that I spoke of above.

what is sx for cataracts

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budu 14: There are many different threads on cataract surgery and lens choices on GW. If you go to bottom of page and put cataracts in the search box and mark the entire forum you will get lots of info to read. Do pay attention to the dates of the posts as some are very old.

I had cataract surgery almost two years ago and chose the basis monofocal lens and have been very pleased. I do need reading glasses for computer and reading. My distance is great and I passed my drivers license test to not wear glasses. I just use the drugstore readers.

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I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago. I did both eyes, with two weeks in between.

It was very simple. When my eyes cleared, I didn't need my glasses anymore. I'm very glad that I had it done.

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