D-Mannose ?

JoAnn_FlaJuly 24, 2013

Has anyone tried it? Its suppose to be for UTI's. Whats your opinion on it?

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I didn't even know what it was until I googled it. I put a url for different opinions on it below. It does have some side effects like all drugs, some are serious.

What does your doctor say about stopping the UTI's.

Here is a link that might be useful: D Mannose

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I tried and love my organic options before meds but this one didn't work for me. I mean, when you have a UTI it is hard to wait it out a few days, even more than one day, for the symptoms to subside. Are they chronic (UTIs) for you? You can probably take cranberry supplements as a preventative measure.

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Sorry......The cranberry thing is a myth, it does not help. If it seems to help just try drinking more water and see if that helps also. When I looked for cranberry juice I could not find anything that was all cranberry juice. It's just another cool aid drink, at least what I saw was.

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The cranberry acidifies the body and works for some by adjusting the PH. Not human but I used to give my cat, who had urinary crystals with vet approval, cranberry concentrate that you use to make your own drink. Real cranberry juice is so strong that most would not be able to drink it straight. If you have ever tried to crush a single cranberry you have seen how little juice it will provide. Cooked it releases the juice but without added water burns before all of the berries are cooked. Try it and see.

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The findings of the study was in our local newspaper. It said there were no benefits found by consuming cranberry juice.

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I just researched it for myself and put the URL below. You especially need to read the the Pros & Cons because of the side effects of the strong dosage you need. Then weigh the benefit against the side effects.

The cranberries can cause kidney stones. That is only one of the side effects. It causes other things because of the acid in the berries. The studies were done with concentrate juice which is very hard to swallow, literally.

One site said "Currently, no medical organization recommends drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry pills to prevent UTIs."

Here is a link that might be useful: Cranberries

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