Thyroid nodules

LibbyLizJuly 6, 2007

I saw my GYN last year who thought my thyroid looked & felt enlarged. I didn't get an ultrasound because my health ins carrier screwed up the referral & wanted me to jump & cut through the red tape on my own.

I saw her again last week & she said the same thing, though this time my carrier got the referral correct & I had the ultrasound yesterday.

My doc's nurse called saying they got the results & want me to have a Radioactive Thyroid Uptake Study done due to multiple nodules found.

Now when I hear that I think "radiation" & think of my cousin, who had hypothyroidism. She said to refuse irradiation, though I swear she said irradication. And I can't remember why she said to refuse it. Obviously it was bad because she had it done. Her brother has hyperthyroidism. I just wrote his wife asking about his treatment. And my late grandma was on synthroid though my aunt couldn't say why.

I guess I'm wanting to know:

- if anyone's heard of or had the irradiation & what might be wrong with it

- is the irradiation the same as the radioactive uptake study

- is there any personal information you can provide me with

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No the scan and uptake is just a test to see if your thyroid is working normally. You can have hot or cold nodules and the test can tell which. The I131 Ablation destroys the thyroid gland instead of having surgery to remove it. In cases of cancer it is surgery. If just an overactive thyroid usually the ablation. It will be best to have the uptake. We usually do a scan and uptake but either can diagnose problems. Let us know how you are doing. Kathy

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On the 19th I go in the morning for one thing, in the afternoon for another & on the 20th I go in the morning for the third/final step. I think I'm having the whole nine yards, scan & uptake.

The I131 is the irradiation?

I hope the results are normal since my blood tests have always shown normal. Though I'm still waiting on the results of the one done on 6-25.


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The I131 destroys the thyroid gland and it does sound like you are having the scan and uptake.

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After finding nodules on my thyroid during the ultrasound, my doc's nurse told me the blood thyroid results were in & normal. But my GYN said the TSH was borderline at .37. I don't know what all was tested, but I don't think it was a complete panel.

Yet my doc's nurse said I needed to schedule a follow up with my doc to discuss the also normal radioactive scan & uptake results. They NEVER discuss normal results in person, just over the phone & that is that.

So I went in & was told the results showed the nodules are cold. Now my doc's worried it's cancer but hubby thinks it's just hypothyroidism. But I need a biopsy. My doc may have me get an MRI or CT scan to check the parathyroid too. I had serum calcium & am awaiting those results.

Perhaps all the stuff I've been complaining about over the years is due to hypothyroidism? I have so many of the symptoms that anyone can find on the internet.

Every provider has only checked T3 & T4, & said they were normal, & treated me for different things. So they've only been looking at pieces of the puzzle versus putting them together for the big picture. GRRR

Maybe now I need to start looking into hypothyroid medications for the best one(s) & not take what they give me just because it's cheap or readily available. Case in point, they want me to see an ENT versus an endocrinologist for the biopsy!

I'm so sick & tired of military medicine!

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I had 27 needle biopsies done on my nodule - 9 needles - three visits... (not painful)

Don't ask me why they did so many needle biopsies for such a small nodule, because I can't remember (it was about 9 years ago)... I was told I was okay.

Today, my thyroid feels tight so I am going back. I forget how to check if there is a large lump - there's a swallow test that Dr. Oz showed on TV but forget how to do it.

Sometimes I think it is my thyroid feeling weird and it ends up to be indigestion.

Thyroid is a funny gland...hard to figure out at times with meds. I take synthroid 50 because I have a nodule - not because I am hyper or hypo

Thyroid problems can be complicated.

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One major cause of thyroid problems is statin drugs, I know 2 people that had "tumors' & told DIL to get off Zocor for at least 2 weeks so that maybe after she went the 118 miles to Specialist maybe she could stay & have the surgery & not have to go back. Those drugs cause cancer in rats but I guess that doesn't bother the drug companies. Anyhow the Specialist checked DIL & wanted to know what she was doing as the tumors had all shrunk to 1/2 their size. She told him I told her she had to stop Zocor for 2 weeks before surgery & it had been 3 weeks. He told her never to take that type drug again. She hasn't but her thyroid has been screwed up ever since. dr. told her the gland is dead. Neighbor has the disease called Hashimoto's & she is taking 1 of the thyroid drugs as her gland is screwed up too. I had a capsule of radioactive stuff to check my thyroid back in early 60's & had it out as tumor was wrapped around my windpipe & felt like I was choking when I laid down. It looked like it was cancer but they found it wasn't. I have taken Armour thyroid ever since & have never had cancer. So if you take statin drugs might think twice about them, they tend to cause more trouble than good. They wanted to put kids on them couple months back, that got shot down in a hurry!! Probably because they are not good for most people.

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