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texasgirl54July 15, 2008

Last month my Dentist recommended a *deep cleaning* also called * scaling*.

After checking with my incuranse I found out that they do not cover that.

It would cost me $339.00.

I see a Dentist twice a year.

My old Dentist moved away and she is my new one.

I ask her for a normal cleaning ($60.00)

She told me that would make her a bad Dentist because i need a scaling.

Should i look for a new dentist??

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I think you should ask your dentist to talk to your insurance Co. about the scaling. I find they often act positively to a professional recommendation.

If the insurance company agents say no, and you can't afford to pay or it yourself, then I suppose you will need to find a new dentist.

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I would check with your insurance company yourself.

If i understand you correctly, the dentist you are seeing is a general dentist and not a periodontist which is a dentist that specializes in gums, and dental implants etc.

I am guessing, but could be wrong, that your insurance will not pay a general dentist to do a deep cleaning because they are not really qualified to do that kind of cleaning.
It would require a periodontist to determine if you need that kind of dental care and they are the ones to do it.

Your regular dentist should be referring you to this kind of dentist for evaluation and not doing it herself. If she refuses, you should seek regular dental care elsewhere.

If it where me, I would find a new dentist right away as the one you have sounds like she is trying to do dental care that she is not qualified to do and attempting to have you pay out of pocket for her services.

Check with your dental insurance as to why they don't cover deep cleaning and scaling.
I'm betting it's because of the dentist who is going to do it and I would get a new regular dentist right away.


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My dentist has done a scaling on me and so has the hygienist. I have seen a periodontist for other concerns, but never for a scaling. Maybe this is a regional thing? I live in the Seattle area so not the boonies

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There is a difference between "deep cleaning" and just a dental cleaning.

Scaling is always part of a routine dental cleaning to remove as much tartar as possible.

A deep cleaning is a periodontal cleaning known as "deep cleaning, scaling and root planning".
This is done for periodontal disease, or in the early stages of periodontal disease when it is called gingivitis.

A true deep cleaning involves cleaning and scaling well below the gum line and can be painful, therefore the patient is given novacaine for the area that is being done in the mouth. Usually only 1 or at most 2 quadrants of the mouth are done at a time.
Also done is what is called root planning, where it is determined how deep the pockets are around each individual tooth and if there is any bone loss in the jaw from any periodontal disease.
This kind of cleaning is done in a periodontist office and his hygienists are usually specially trained in doing this type of cleaning and he/she does the cleaning after the periodontist administers the novacaine.

It will be the periodontist that does the root planning after the deep cleaning is done.

Once this type of cleaning and root planning is done, then a course of treatment will be discussed which could include gum surgery or just continued watching of the gums and the pockets around the gums.

You will no doubt be told to have your teeth cleaned every 3 months, at first with the periodontist so that you can be monitored and if the situation is stable then you can do the same thing both my hubby and I do. alternate between the regular dentist and the periodontist.

One of the first signs of early stage periodontal disease is bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. If you have none of that, I would be looking for another regular dentist and get another opinion as to whether you really need this type of cleaning.

Usually dental insurance will pay for deep cleaning, scaling and root planning if done at a periodontist office. The reason they won't pay for it with a regular dentist is they are not fully qualified to deal with these issues.

Once the deep cleaning is done, it is not done again and the peridodontist will bill under the code for after perio treatment and it is covered by insurance.

Again i would talk with your dental insurance company for information on why it isn't covered and I would see another dentist to determine if you really do have early stage periodontal disease and need this type of teeth cleaning which is not what you get from a regular dentist and if you do, then you should, without question, be referred to a periodontist for this kind of care and treatment for your periodontal disease.


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