Well, I've lost my mind.

OddtreeNovember 13, 2005

My mom had an email address. I wrote an email "to" her tonight. Just saying I loved her and missed her. Am I crazy?

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You are not crazy at all. In fact, I think what you did was a very healthy thing. I would think that after you wrote the email, you probably felt really glad that you did it. I really do hope that it made you feel better.
Thanks for sharing.

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:) not at all- there are a number of respected writers who have taken 'the ghost in the machine' to a modern interpresation in much the same way...

and if my dad and I had ever emailed, I would do that myself. as it is, I just write letters, and burn them in the asian tradition, sending the smoke to heaven.

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No, not crazy at all. I used to write to my daughter in my journal. I haven't done that in a while, but I certainly communicate with her in other ways.

My husband died a few weeks ago after suffering with dementia for years. I realized the other day that I can now talk to him in a way that hasn't been possible for a long time. He might not answer (or he might), but at least I know he can understand what I'm saying. Now he knows all.


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It is a brave thing to do. You'll be surprised that many people are unable to say these three words to the people most important to them. I wonder why?

Your email to her is a great start. Follow through with a simple gift or simply a flower to brighten up her day. Trust me, she will remember it for life! :)

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I should have been more clear, my mother is actually deceased. She passed away 8 months ago.

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