Hydration cubes

texasoneJuly 27, 2014

Has anyone tried the Bezwecken hydration cubes for menopause vaginal dryness. They are cubes that contain 1 mg of estriol, cocoa butter, vitamin E and beeswax.

I simply cannot afford a $200 tube of Premarin and thought this might work.

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You need to make sure that it is just dryness. There is a disease that women get called Lichen Sclerosis and there is no cure for it. You may be wasting your money for nothing. All that can be done for this disease is to treat the discomfort. If you have it you can forget about having sex ever again. If it is bad you can feel the skin tear when you squat to pick up something. It can cover the urethra.

I have been to 2 urologist who did not recognize the problem, even though they had seen the problem on other women. Even some gyn's don't know what it is. My gyn had patients as young as 5 years old with this. It is a disease, not dryness.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lichen Sclerosis

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My biggest problem is I keep getting UTI's.....my uretha hurts but it doesn't sting to go pee and I don't have to go alot. They check my urine and there is no bacteria so Dr. said I need Estrogen because the skin is thinning, I can use KY jelly and have sex fine its just the pain of my pp hole that hurts and doc said estrogen will help. Going to try these cubes as i cannot afford Premarin and I need to get something that will replenish the moisture in my vagina.

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You skin will thin with this disease. The opening's below will be closing up, use a mirror. You will not be able to urinate the way you used to...no stream as the disease progresses. The urine will come out the vaginal area. This disease is not catching, so no threat to anyone. I am amazed at how many doctors have not heard of this.

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My wife has had good success with the Hydration Cubes. I commented in detail here:


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Dear JamesFromColorado,

First off I am familiar with Dr Lee. I successfully used progesterone cream 4 years ago when hit by menopause. I thought I was out of the woods, but now am faced with atrophy. I will be trying the Bezwecken Hydration Cubes, and would like to know which bio-identical progesterone cream your wife uses and at what dose/amount.

Thank you for your time and the energy you put into your research. Your wife is truly fortunate.

PS: I reviewed the cubes online. The Bezwecken site does not show the cubes... everything but the cubes. However I found another site that IS selling the cubes and they give many different options, even one with progesterone in it. Thing is, didn't Dr. Lee say not to use both estriol and progesterone on the same area? Secondly, the dosage is 1 mg to 40 mg ; estriol to progesterone. That would make it difficult to adjust my dosage to the least possible according to Dr Lees advice. I suppose I could cut a cube in half. Hmmm. Your thoughts here please!

The following is stated by Dr Lees associate Virginia: Estriol has been shown in numerous studies to be very effective in treating vaginal dryness when applied vaginally. Dr. Lee recommended just 0.5 mg of estriol twice weekly, and noted that many women find just half that amount usually works fine.

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