floss stuck between 2 crowns

catherinetJuly 20, 2008

Hi all,

Last night, before bed, I was flossing my teeth. The floss shredded and got stuck between 2 crowns. I pulled hard and it wouldn't come out. I pulled what I could out and cut the rest off. then I proceeded to get stronger floss and go back to retrieve the stuck floss, but I couldn't get between the teeth. I worked and worked at it, but couldn't get anything out. All my teeth are feeling pressure now because its stuck in there.

I decided to give up for awhile, since the gum tissue is very swollen. Today I tried to floss and the tissue is still very swollen. The crowns are so close together.

I hate to have to pay the dentist to go retrieve it, but I think I'm going to have to. I just hope he doesn't have to hurt the 2 very expensive crowns.

I was even starting to wonder if a sliver of the crown had come lose and got embedded.

Has this happened to any of you, and how did you deal with it? Any tips on getting that embedded floss out??


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That has happened to me as well, since my teeth are tightly crowded. I realized that I'd given up initially after a few tries, because my gum was becoming so sore from repeatedly trying. So I broke an icecube and held one of the smaller pieces right up to my gum between the two teeth where the floss was stuck. Once my gum was frozen, it didn't hurt, so I was a bit more agressive in using the floss. It worked and I got the floss out, but my gum did hurt after it 'thawed', because it had kind of been sliced by the floss. I just rinsed my mouth with salt water a couple times a day for two days or so and the swelling and tenderness went away. If you're on any blood thinners, I'd let a dentist remove it, otherwise you can probably give it a try.

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Thanks pickyshopper,
I tried the ice last night, thinking it would shrink the gum, but it didn't. Ice to anesthetize it is a good idea!
I just can't believe how swollen my gum is around those 2 teeth. And when I go to put a piece of floss in it today, my gum is alot lower down than usual. I don't know if its the floss that's causing the swelling, or all my jabbing. It bleeds immediately when I try to floss it today. I really jabbed the heck out of it last night!
I think I'll let it rest for a day or 2, and then anesthetize it with the ice (or maybe some orajel I have...which I just thought of), and go to work on it again. I'll never use the cheaper floss on my teeth again, that's for sure!
Thanks for your tips.

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If your gum is really that swollen and pushed down lower than usual, it may well be that you have gotten the floss down so deep you will not be able to get it out yourself and need the assistance of a dentist.
Leaving it caught like you describe for a couple of days can lead to a serious infection.
Better to call the dentist first thing in the morning and let him/her take care of the problem before infection sets in.
Also, if the floss has shredded into pieces inside the gum line, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for you to get all of it out without the assistance of a dentist.


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At this point, your danger is of infection. That could do a lot to damage those expensive crowns.

Go to your dentist. If he can't get it out without damage to those crowns, then, you certainly don't have much chance of doing it either.

I would quit trying to floss at this time. You are probably just making things worse.

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Thanks Fran and agnespuffin,
I'll make an appointment with the dentist.

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catherinet, how are you doing? did you see the dentist. hope all turned out well for you.


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Hi Fran,
Thanks for asking!
I went to the dentist this afternoon, and he found a big wad of the floss stuck in there! He saw it right away, so I guess I just couldn't see it. He told me to always use "Glide" floss and he also gave me this little brush to use inbetween my teeth.
He said it probably never would have come out on its own, so I'm glad I went! Thanks for your help.

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Glad to hear you did go to the dentist. They have the right tools, the right position to put you in to see what's going on. Amazing what one can see when they are looking down into your mouth that we can't do.

DS and my dentist and periodontist have been saying "Glide" for years and years now and use nothing else.

Glide used to be a company in itself that was taken over by some other company in the past few years, I think it was Reach but could be wrong.

They used to make a dental tape as well, which I preferred to the floss, but use the "glide" floss now in place of the tape.

One thing you will find is the "Glide" never shreds into pieces like many others do and with teeth really close together, it works like a charm and so does that little brush that your dentist gave you as well.

Here's hoping to never having a problem like that again.


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Thanks Fran!

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No dentist visti: Best advise: coat the dental floss in lip gloss, and slide it down on whatever it is blocking. If it breaks it will break in one piece. Works everytime. No Dentist Visit Required!!!!

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Brian, Thank You!!! I had a glob of floss stuck between 2 crowns, I went through spools of floss. The floss glob was not stuck at the bottom, I could see it at the top wedged between the crowns. I tried tweezers & everything. I had to go to work with that uncomfortable feeling. I came home, threaded the floss on a soft pick to pull through the bottom near the gums between crowns. When I pulled the floss up MORE shredded floss. I threaded the floss on the soft pick, pulled it through (at the bottom of the crowns - gum line), then took the soft pick out. When I coated the floss between the crowns and gums with Vaseline, the floss came right out at the top and did NOT shred. It took 3 Vaseline coated tries. The 2nd & 3rd time I could floss down (ward) between the crowns the normal way and finally the glob of floss popped out. Saved me a trip to the dentist. Brian, thank you so much for the advice, my wallet thanks you! If that didn't work I would have gone to the dentist.

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