hydrocodone vs. tylenol w/ codeine #4

ponyboy_2006July 29, 2006

i have been taking hydrocodone for a couple of years because of back problems and surgeries that go way back to when i was a kid.

not much, 1-3 per day, some days none. but it never knocked me out, just relieved the pain so i could be active.

last week, in the interest of saving $20., i switched to tylenol w/ codeine #4. i thought it was the same thing. but it knocks me out. why? did i waste my money? or will i get accustomed to it and that effect go away?

or is it just me?

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Not sure what you mean by "knocks you out" - makes you groggy in the manner of Benadryl, or just sort of fuzzy headed (i've heard both descriptions from others, although I don't get either effect myself. I do find it has a noticeable sedating effect though). Probably you will get accustomed to it, and in a few weeks the side effects will wane (as with other opiates/opioids). I find it takes longer with codeine than with hydrocodone or oxycodone though.

Hydrocodone is alot like codeine, except that codeine is a natural derivative of opium plants whilst hydrocodone is synthetic. Hydrocodone is also much stronger, so the 60mg of codeine in a Tylenol #4 tablet is about as effective as 10mg of hydrocodone.

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