Itchy all over -Summer time is serious worse

BamDeafPieJuly 5, 2013

Every summer and sometime spring, when I go outside and I always get itch all over and it drove me crazy. It's like I am allergy to outside during spring and summer! But during Fall and Winter, no itch. Seem that my skin is reacting to heat even right after I got out of shower. Appy the lotion on my skin and I'd still get itch all over. It only happen outside, never inside.

Even worse, I kept getting rush all over my body when my skin react to heat. It may sound like heat rush but I don't think that is it. They keep coming even winter. Only when I get otu of shower or when I feel like really hot, I'd get bad rush all over.

Am I only one that is allergy to heat? That is serious problem, it affect my exercise and my future job. For 3 years and I was not able to do exercise due itchy and rushes. I gain pretty good pounds. My mother don't think doctor can help.

I knew somebody have that knowledge will help me. So can you?

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You need to go to an allergist. They test you to see for sure what is bothering you, then treat and slowly get you immune to whatever it is. I have been to one with a female problem, I was allergic to my own body's bacteria.

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EmmaR you are right he needs to see an allergist. Also it might be an idea to increase your intake of vitamin A,C and zinc to help out your immune system

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A rash that occurs only when you are hot, and at all times of the year needs to be looked at. Are you sweating? If you are hot, and not sweating, then you need to get to Dr asap. Also, google pictures of heat rash and see if it looks like yours? I had it one summer and it was miserably itchy.

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You are probably experiencing a form of urticaria. I had this too (in the form of exercise urticaria) and it is seriously painful once the itching starts. I also experienced it in the spring and summer months, sometimes in the fall. Getting gluten and dairy out of my diet helped so much to quell the histamine release. It rarely, if ever happens to me anymore. I started to experience it in my late teens (20 years ago) up until the last two years when I eliminated these foods from my diet. There is a video called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - the producer had the same condition. It is on Netflix and maybe even youtube. It may be worth the watch for you. Good luck with the doctors because my "causes" were always dry skin, detergents or improper clothes while exercising. Wrong.

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