38 years old, Menstrual migrains getting worse, on BCP

angiepangieJuly 1, 2013


I am 38, and I have always had menstrual migraines but the past two months they are worse. The one this morning was really, really bad. I have been taking birth control pills to control my irregular cycles (they became irregular when I had to have an ovary removed- and I have been having some hormonal issues since then- hot flashes, funny cycles, pre menopausal type stuff). When I started the BCPs, my migraines got allot better. But, as I said the past 2 months have been really bad. I've asked my gyno about it but she doesn't see a problem. I worry because I have heard taking hormones at my age can be high risk, esp if you already have migraines. I don't smoke. Any one have this experience?

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angie, I could almost count on a throwing-up headache, it would hurt that badly, the week I was taking the placebo dose and the estrogen would drop abruptly. How's your relationship with your gyno, an endocrinologist was more helpful than mine who did not seem totally up to date on the effects hormones can have on health overall. Endocrinologist changed my prescription to the right product, right dose and I never experienced another headache again.

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