Heart Surgery and complications?

irishdancersgramJuly 10, 2008

One of my sons had a triple bypass and a valve replacement 3 weeks ago...He was doing fine and came home in 6 days...The 1st weekend home, his heart rate tripled and he had to go back to get it regulated. (They said this is common). Heart rate has been fine but now, if he coughs real deep, he blacks out for a second or two...He comes out of it and feels fine...So far the doctors can't find the problem...Was wondering, has anyone experienced this or know of anyone that this has happened to....

His wife is afraid to leave him alone and it sure is a worry to all of us...

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If you don't get any replies here, you can ask on healthboards.com. Scroll down the list to "Heart Disorders" to go to that Forum.

I hope your son improves.

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