Zoloft and Tylenol

faye8July 12, 2005

Does anyone know of any problems from taking Zoloft and Tylenol. I think that aspirin is probably not a good idea with Zoloft. but was wondering about something else. I have done a search, but can't find any info.


faye (with muscle aches from too much gardening!)

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I know that Zoloft and Tylenol are both metabolized in your Liver. There are cases of people with impared liver function who have had liver problems after taking these meds together. There are also reported cases where Zoloft and Aspirin taken together can cause bleeding.

Do a Google Search for "zoloft, tylenol, aspirin, complications" and you'll get a lot of information

Sounds like it's one of those "six of one, and half-dozen of the other" scenarios where you have to use your head and take these medications (Tylenol and Aspirin) in moderation, and as prescribed.

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