Carpeting Quote - Am I Being Scammed?

batchgwAugust 23, 2012

I'm a first time home buyer so I'm not sure how this stuff works.

I'm attaching a picture of our floor plan. I have concerns on the entire quote but for now I'm just asking about the master bedroom.

The floor plan equates to about 24 square yards. I understand that its extra for the walk in closet and the entry and also wastage. Lets say all that is 6 more square yards - total of 30 square yards.

However, the quote I'm being given is 36 square yards. Does this make sense?? I tried to talk to the vendor but was not able to understand what all he was saying.

Thanks in advance. I'll attach a picture of the vendor's markup in the next post.

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Attaching the drawing that the vendor gave.

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Sophie Wheeler

When you use 12' carpet, if you want fewer seams, that means you have to buy more carpet. They could probably do it with less carpet, but you'd have a bunch of seams everywhere. You're only gonna have one seam in the bedroom itself for the way they've laid it out.

Why aren't you looking at 15' carpet? You'd have less wastage and less seams if you are doing the whole house in the same carpet.

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What's the rip-off, IMO, is not the extra carpet, which is needed for the waste, but the fact that if you have to buy 36 yards to cover 24 yards of actual floor, they charge you for 36 yards of installation. The extra carpet isn't installed, it's thrown away. Why should they charge for it???

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