Sleeping medicine

reader77July 16, 2011

I tried to read the posting about A-----, When I clicked on first message, a search page on various sleeping med. appeared. I clicked on Back, got back to forum page for a few seconds, and the ads reappeared.

I tried 3 more times with the same results. This has never happened before on any of the forums I read.

Any clue what happened?

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This thread has been spammed. I don't know how since there were 28 posts to it before being hijacked but there is a link in the BP=insomnia thread that also takes you to advertising. This needs to be reported to GW as I have no Idea how someone can hijack a thread like that. The second one is either a spammer or someone pointing you to sites to purchase Ambian. Either way it is not allowed.

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Yup, hijacked. So what do you want to know about Ambien?

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I had a friend that took it. It's habit- forming. I don't know how much she took (she admitted 1 wasn't enough any more) but I tried to wake her up 1 morning & she wouldn't wake up, it really put her in a deep sleep. Seems dangerous to me. Had to get in her face & almost yell at her to get a response.

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