Questions about low red blood cell count

gunnysaxJuly 26, 2005

I would like to know what foods to eat, and what to avoid to increase my low red blood cell count. Also, what are the sympthoms of low red blood cells? My red blood cell count dropped to 11.6 from 12.6 in 3 months.
Thanks for any answers. Judy

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Liver and spinach are very good for you. Red meat is good too. I can't think of anything else right now. May I ask where is your level dropping?

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First of all, are you talking about a hematocrit, hemoglobin count, or total red blood cell count? Those numbers could be either very scarry or almost normal, depending upon what you are talking about. What are the units?

Depending upon the cause of the anemia, changing your diet may or may not have any effect. There are 3 general categories for causes of low RBC counts: destruction (usually an autoimmune, infectious, or cancer cause), blood loss (GI bleeding is the most common source), or reduced production, which can have many causes (cancer, kidney failure, or any missing "ingredient" in the RBC-producing pathway could all be causes). If your anemia is caused by an iron or vitamin B deficiency, then increasing your intake of those will help. But for most causes of anemia, changing your diet isn't going to help. You really need to see a doctor.

Symptoms of anemia are related to lack of oxygen- dizziness, lack of stanima, weakness, inability to catch breath, etc.

Please give us more information about what measurement you are using for your RBC count and any relavent health information (do you have kidney problems or cancer), etc.

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I have kidney disease and have been anemic in the past. I get a blood test once a month. A hemoglobin count of 11 is in the normal range. A drop from 12 to 11 is not really signifigant. Unless you feel tired, weak, or easily out of breath. Ask your doctor.

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Are you still menstruating? If you have had unusually heavy periods lately, or if the test was done right after your period, both could affect the results. I don't think there are any foods to avoid.

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I have severe aortic valve stenosis.could the fact that the
aortic valve restriction and turbulence(valve area down to
0.7 cm from 1.7 cm in 02) be a cause of the low red blood cell count??? My symptoms include shortness of breath,pain in chest, weakness, and some dizziness.I cannot get the needed surgery because of the blood condition. Any ideas,
anyone? This is getting worse weekly.HELP!!! Thanks a lot.

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Aorotic stenosis will not cause anemia. Both anemia and your heart disease could cause shortness of breath, weakness, and dizziness, because both conditions reduce the amount of oxygen available to the tissues.

The pain in your chest is particularly alarming. Please see your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately, as you could be having a heart attack.

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High blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol levels. These factors have been linked to the progression of aortic valve stenosis, so it's a good idea to keep your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control if you have aortic valve stenosis.

Your doctor may recommend that you limit strenuous activity to avoid overworking your heart.

My mother has high cholesterol and angina. Anything stressful or too enjoyable (where she laughs too much) will cause chest pains for her. She has to wear a Nitro patch every day because the pills/spray wasn't enough for her. The Nitro patch helps her heart so that it doesn't "over work".

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My husband's blood count was 6 - he was feeling " a little tired" and went to the Dr to see if it was his congestive heart failure or something else. They sent him to a pulmonary doc and was diagnosed with COPD - still, not feeling better, just more tests. Finally, his oncologist (he had cancer 9 years ago) ran blood tests and found the low bc. He immediately had to have a blood transfusion. After 6 months he is still going for IV iron once a week and finally is up to a count of 11. He had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and finally had to swallow a camera pill to find some source of possible bleeding....still not sure if that is the problem (bleeding). The camera found nothing, but they claim that even a drop a day (over time) can result in the anemia he was experiencing.

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Throughout my life I suffered with low red blood cell count or the level of an anemia. My mother had anemia blood all her life. Is it something I can do to better myself in this area. Is it vitamins, foods, or what to help?

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Hi I am a 72 year old male and the following blood counts dropped as listed. Can you give me possible reasons why?
WBC dropped 20.0% 5.6 to 5.2
RBC dropped 6.8% 4.72 to 4.40
HMG dropped 7.7% 15.6 to 14.4
HET dropped 3.8% 44.7 to 43.0

I have had surgery to remove prostate two years ago.

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