Mixing hardward floors with trim & interior doors

jammsAugust 28, 2008

I am currently in the process of building a new house and was thinking of installing either brazilian cherry or hard maple (dark stain) floors. The problem is I cannot afford cherry or maple trim, baseboard and interior doors throughout the home. Most model homes show white trim & doors with these darker floors, but I am not interested in white. Oak is an economical alternative but will the different woods look bad? Should we try to match up the stain color of the floor with the trim, doors, etc. even though the grain of the wood will not match? Please help. Thank you.

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None of my customers have complained about mixing the different grains. Most of my customers are staining oak to match their exotic floors. Also i've had several customers to use stain grade pine. (our local paint store works wonders with mixing stains.) Try to get a plank of the flooring, in the color you want. Then get a couple of feet of stain grade oak and pine baseboard and let your paint store match a stain to the flooring. Just remember, to let the brazilian cherry sit in the sun for a couple of days before trying to match stain.

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Thank you very much for replying! It sounds like it will work!!!

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I'm also planning on mixing our hardwood floor and trim/doors. I think we're doing brazilian teak on the floors and a stained maple on the trim and doors. (I'm also putting alder on the cabinetry.) I hope it doesn't get too crazy with variety, but I think we're just fine mixing it up as long as the colors work well with each other. I think your plan sounds great. Oak is a great wood for doors and trim and will look great with your beautiful floors.

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Hi crazyhouse6:

After visiting the flooring store this weekend, I am considering brazilian teak also. The sample looked great and I understand the color doesn't change as much as the BC. If I did teak; I think I would want to match the color of the doors and trim to it. Our floors, doors, trim, etc. will be stained on site instead of prefinished.

A few Q's for you:

Are you trying to match the stain of the teak floors with the maple trim & doors? Have you experimented with any stains yet? Are you going with unfinished or prefinished?



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