Vein treatment center for rosacea??

laurie_ky6July 1, 2008

I'm wondering if any of you have tried a vein treatment center for rosacea care? There are several in the city where I live, and some of them advertise that physicians conduct all treatments. What can I expect? Are there any issues I should be aware of?

I've been under the care of a couple of dermatologists for seven years, but my rosacea is worse now than ever. Five years ago I had laser surgery to shrink enlarged capillaries (caused by the rosacea) at the clinic the dermatology group runs, and I could go there again. My hesitance is mostly due to being annoyed with the dermatologist I've been assigned to for the past two years. During my appointments, he spends about three minutes telling me to use more of the creams prescribed. That's it. The creams do not work and cause side effects that ultimately increase the redness and itching. My insurance covered the laser surgery five years ago, but now this dermatology group is unwilling to negotiate with insurance companies for this procedure.

So, I thought that an unaffiliated clinic might be more "customer friendly." My motivation for going is partly cosmetic. (I do a lot of public speaking. Makeup is no help.) But, I'm also beginning to think that the enlarged capillaries cause some of my physical discomfort (constant itching and burning, sensation of tiny bugs crawling under my skin). I'm seeking relief from that as well as the cosmetic benefits.

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My dermotologist has never suggested any of the light treatments or laser surgery for my rosacea and I wish she would. I have a new doctor and she was mostly impressed with the array of skin products I used so I guess she thought I had everything under control.

The only thing I know is that the new sunscreen lotions with Helioplex do seem to work better than anything else I've tried - but I still have rosacea. I wish it would go away for good.

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John, could you provide the name of a sunscreen with Helioplex. It really sounds like something I would like to try.

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I impressed her the most with a tube of La Roche Posay that contains Helioplex. It is expensive and hard to find here in the US but a friend gets it for me in Europe or through Canada for what a normal tube of sunscreen cost. The Dr said that she only knows of one clinic in Washington DC that carries it for $75 a tube (I seriously doubt that). They have a website with all of their skin products and I have to say that everything they claim seems to be true in my case. I doubt the science of their hype, I mean I think their stuff works but not for the reasons they promote. I think they truly have found some sort of balance in the chemicals they include in their potions that make them out-perform other products. They attribute it all on some very special natural spring water.

Locally, you can find Nutrogena sunscreens with Helioplex in spf ratings as high as 75 or 80 for around $10 to $12 per tube. It works very well for me but I like the feel of La Roche Posay better.

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