Prepare for menopausal stage.

aaaaaaaaJuly 29, 2011

Hi Ladies,

I am 42 yrs and think I am going through premenopausal stage. I had one ovary removed 5 yrs ago--because of cyst.

I am nervous as I do not have my age or older ladies around me. Could you ladies please give me reasonable advice on how to deal with it and what I can expect in near future.

What questions should I be asking my Gyno?

Appreciate your response.

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, it's possible. I used to work for an OB/GYN group. It's amazing the difference in women. Some will have no problems, others have big problems.

My main and only problem was that I had trouble concentrating on anything. I could read the same page in a book several times without knowing it. Once I got on hormone replacement therapy (which isn't always good for everyone) I did just fine!

Good luck, see your doctor and take it easy.

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i was never a big believer in herbal stuff until i went through menopause. i did the hormone replacement therapy for a while and then switched myself over to the walmart equivalent of 'Remifemin'. i saw absolutely no difference, it worked like a charm, i took it for about a year.

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