Has Anyone heard of Mangosteen?

rosewitchJuly 27, 2004

I just read a copy of Health Journal all about Mangosteen juice, Queen of fruits captures attention of medical community. The journal had doctors talking about how wonderful this product is for helping all kinds of health troubles. Since it is mostly a food product I was thinking it might be something worth looking into. Anyone here have any info or thoughts?

Thanks for any feedback.


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" The journal had doctors talking about how wonderful this product is for helping all kinds of health troubles."

Look up any semi-scarce, preferably tropical fruit and you will find much the same hype. Tahitian Noni is the poster child for this, but many obscure plant materials attract the attention of the "It's a miracle!" pimps.

It they run true to form, the claims are near-miraculous, the marketing is heavy-hhanded, and the claims aren't backed up by any solid research - just a few early studies in test tubes that never make it pas tthat point.

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This just spotted on an herbal discussion group: SPAM promoting the Mangosteen ... note the last line - the website is full of how you too can get rich selling this miracle supplement. When a company spends more space telling you how you can make bazillions than it does with supporting evidence for its claims - it's snake oil.

As for the health benefits of it - in a country like India, where large numbers of children are malnourished because of poverty and ignorance, any fruit can help.

In the US: mtomatos and other fruits are rich in xanthones, lycopenes and other good for you things.

>Mangosteen: The Queen of Fruits!
>XANTHONES repair cells and have positive effects on
>nearly all of the body's systems.
>The rind of the Mangosteen contains 41 xanthones and
>makes a delicious juice that is making the medical
>association do a double take.
>Is indorsed by many doctors and only 18 months old
>in the US.
> >Go to: www.spammerswebsite dleeted.com
> >Nothing like mango and can also be a great moneymaker.

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