Life insurance exam concerns

sunshineaboveJuly 4, 2012

I just got results from a life insurance blood/urine exam. I'm concerned about some of the results. I recently moved and don't have a family doctor here yet. Wondering if I need to find one fast. The out of range results are related to kidney & bladder:

Leukocyte screen - positive

white blood cells 65

red blood cells 4

hyaline casts 160

alkaline phosphatase 116

If anyone has insight regarding what this means, let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Several problems here, each lab has different ranges. I had blood tests & am trying to compare to yours WBC- white blood cells 6.7 range 4.6-10.2 so I was fine. Sure it isn't 6.5 for them. Red blood cells 4.10- range 4.04- 5.48 so if they were using this range(or scale) then you would be slightly low. Did you eat before the tests(blood taken) that sometimes screws up results. Take it you had both blood taken from arm & urine test. If you take Vit.C & some other supplements they can screw up results also. Shouldn't eat beef for couple of days before tests either.

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