Oreck xl use ?

moonuserJuly 18, 2012

Anyone have any comments on the Oreck?

I have a Oreck xl pro air purifier and wonder if it's too dry to use in a vented bedroom.

We just seem to be too dried (throat/nose) out over night sleeping.

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Put out a pan of water, up out of reach of little ones & dogs & see if it evaporates very quickly. We used to have a humidifier connected(so it just got water from plumbing & nothing to fill with water-Colman made it & furnace man installed it) into our furnace as so dry could hardly breathe & now weather has changed so much it is humid a lot. Haven't used it for several yrs. But you may need to get a built-in unit as the cool air humidifiers or warm air humidifers are a big mess to clean & fill all the time & cool air makes some people sick & warm air in summer 100degree weather is miserable.

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Thanks sunnyca !!

Great idea and will try that.

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