$1000 for 11 X 14 bound carpeting ?

chisueAugust 15, 2011

What would I pay for a piece of 11 X 14 carpet, bound on four sides? Wool? (Stop that laughing, please.) Nylon? (Still frizzy looking stuff, or better now?)

We have a barf-y Westie. This is for our BR. King Bed, two large side chests (12 feet total width). If I didn't get one big piece, with *acres* of it sitting under the bed, what size bits (3) would work?

Must be only 11 feet long. Can be 12 - 14 feet wide.

Is there an standard oriental size that would work? I do like wool, and orientals usually clean up nicely without showing a stain.

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I have not priced it, but it seems to run about $2 a foot based on what I've read online. So, that comes out to about $100. But prices will vary based on location.

I also think that price is based on you taking your rug to the binder. If you have a store do the work, it's going to cost more.

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There is a big carpet warehouse here in Delaware that binds anything you want, in their store, for $2.00 per linear foot.

Other than that, I can't tell you what it would cost to get the kind of carpet you are looking for. I would think you could find something pretty nice for $1,000 in that size though.

I'm about to do the same thing in my BR. Taking out the wall to wall, putting down wood, then will need to add one large or three small rugs to walk on. I think it will cost the same whether I do the one large or the three small.

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You wont spend a thousanD unless you want TO. Pick out an 11 x 12 smartstrand or something like that. Any color you want. Have it bound. a 11 x 14 bound should cost you about 75 to 100 bucks tops for the binding. 12 x 14 of carpet you will need to buy. at 3.50 a sq ft which will get you nice nice nice carpet....$588 plus the hundred ..your at 688 and can have some damned nice ez clean carpet and let them barf away...

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Thank you all.

Floortech -- That was the complete answer I was looking for. So...I buy a 12 X 14 of 'Smartstrand' -- what is that? Nylon? What weight would I get for $3.50?

I'm replacing a pretty dense twist with chubby strands about 3/4 inch high. It's too old for any meaningful cost comparison.

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With animal barfing expected, I'd personally choose something polypropylene rather than wool or smartstrand. It will stand up to the acids and bile much much better. It can be difficult to find in something "soft" to the feet, but it can be done. You usually see polypropylene marketed as "exterior" rugs, so this time of the year, you might find something you like on clearance. Outdoor rugs have come a long way and you can find all kinds of styles in them nowadays.

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