My Positive Huntington's Page

heatherdugdaleNovember 6, 2007

I am 24, am experiencing HuntingtonÂs disease symptoms. My family is one of the few in the world who have early onset. I was a Nurse before I got sick. I made a positive, comprehensive website. It has a blog, care giving tips, ways to fight brain fog, myths, my story, my families story, history, and ways to have a positive testing experience. I also put on there the poems I got published in the horizon.

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heather, I read quite a bit of your page, & it's lovely.

I didn't respond here so as to not take the thread off the top, but since someone else did, I'd like to tell you that your page(s) is wonderful;

Many of us don't know much about Huntington's, & your messages are informative as well as touchingly personal.

I wish you the very best.

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I read a lot on your website.

I am totally in awe of your courage and openness. You amaze me.


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Hi Heather,

I recently lost my mother on August 9th. after a lifelong battle with cancer. My mother developed melanoma cancer when she was 18 years old and survived over 25 operations. One on her face, which left her disfigured, one on her back to remove her spine and insert a 12 in. rod and many more and then she got it in her lung.

Sadly, the complications from treating her lung cancer is what took her life.

You are an inspiration! You have an attitude that closely resembles the attitude my mom had. Her attitude and the way she dealt with her disease is mostly what kept her around until she was 64 years old. She was my hero and I love and miss her very much.

She taught me to never loose faith, never give up hope and spend your time with people who really care about you and you them. Your mother must have been a courageous and beautiful woman to have born such a beautiful spirit as you.

I pray the very best comes your way and wish you the best of luck in this journey you are on!



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