Mom's birthday tomorrow

OddtreeNovember 5, 2005

My mom would have been 52 tomorrow. I have no idea at this point how I will react.

Mom was never "big" on birthdays. I always sent a gift and would call, and sometimes come home if it fell on a weekend, but she never wanted me to come home from school--she said I should be at the library instead!

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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Your mom died too young, and I know you miss her terribly. Keep the good memories close in your heart tomorrow. My mom has been gone over 2 years, and I was lucky to have her much longer than you did, but I still ache every day over the loss.

Here's a ((hug))! Take care

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She did die too young and you can't even mourn herdeath with your dad. I expect tomorrow will be very difficult for you. If you realize that then you won't be caught unaware. Do something different just in honor of your mom.... Release some helium filled balloons or plant a rose bush in your yard.
We know you're aching and we share your pain with you. Your mom may not be here with you in body but her spririt surrounds you.

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Didn't check the site until today. I hope all went well for you on your mom's birthday. My heart goes out to you.

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Hope you got through the day okay. I know it wasn't easy for you.

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if your mom thought you should be in the library-

that maybe that's where you should be?

mom and dad's anniversary was on halloween, and rather than the two of us in our separate households trying to cater to impolite parents and kids in store-bought costumes- I took her out to dinner, and we ate good chinese, and talked about how dad's kosher never seemed to survive the lure of chinese cooking.

*sigh* wish your mom a happy day for me?

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