Terrible allergies... Please help

mcasselJuly 7, 2008


I normally get hay fever in April/May which lasts for a few weeks then goes for the year... I normally take some Claritin for the short period I have the symptoms and my symptoms are gone...

At the end of May this year I moved into a new home where I used Brazilian Walnut/IPE as my interior flooring and my allergies are as bad as ever, even taking Claritin and Sudafed I'm still pretty miserable and I'm into July a time when I normally don't have allergies... I have read several articles about taking care during installation of Brazilian Walnut because of the fine dust can cause reactions but could it be causing an allergic reaction after its been installed?

Does anyone know if this year is particularly bad for hay fever suffers? Could it be something in the new house, I built the house using pretty eco friendly materials?

any help you could give would be truly appreciated.

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It could be the new house, or maybe just something in the neighborhood.

It's time to see an allergist to get prescription type medication. The OTC things are quite good, but sometimes, the body needs a little extra help.

Our spring season here did not follow the usual blooming cycle. The trees, etc, started, then there was a cold spell, and then a warm period and the trees started spreading pollen again. I found it to be a much longer period than usual. AND worse of all, the grass pollen seems to have started earlier than usual. Perhaps you have developed a summertime grass allergy. I'm sorry to tell you, but that's not an unusual thing.

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Have you tried Nasal Irrigation? It may clear up the problem. check out the video and read the instructions there.

Here is a link that might be useful: video

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I can see where working with it would be a problem because it would be very dusty work. Did you get them varnished or sealed? If they are bare timber you might want to consider it because it would stop any dust, but if you've already had them sealed then I dont see how it could be the flooring causing it and like others have said, it may be something else that's growing near your house, or another allergen coming from somewhere else. If it's getting really bad then you should get tested to see what youre reacting to.

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Have you heard of naet treatments? Sounds weird, but lots of people say it works for allergies. Might be worth a try? A google search will bring up links.

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