Clemson study on supplements

d0ugJuly 10, 2014

There was a study done by Clemson University on Youngevity supplements
� Ultimate Classic� killed
� 95% of cancerous colon cells,
� 65% of cancerous liver cells,
� 65% of cancerous stomach cells, and
� 30% of cancerous breast cells.
� Beyond Tangy Tangerine� killed
� 60% of cancerous colon cells,
� 65% of cancerous liver cells,
� 65% of cancerous stomach cells, and
� 30% of cancerous breast cells.
If this was a drug it would be on the front page of every newspaper in the world for a week.

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Is there a reason that you omitted that your posted info came from the website of the Youngevity supplements website.

Is there a reason that you made your post sound like these results are a new treatment for cancer?

Is there a reason that you didn't include the following info directly from the Clemson University Study?

"Youngevity and Clemson University Institute of Nutraceutical Research are excited about the recent findings, but we also caution individuals not to overextended the findings to feel the Youngevity products are able to prevent, treat, or cure any type of disease or illness. The Youngevity products, although incredible powerful and health giving, are dietary supplements that are designed to work with nutrition, exercise, and a positive mental state to aid in the support of overall health and wellness. The studies that were undertaken were NOT human clinical trials, but are called âÂÂbenchâ or âÂÂtest-tubeâ studies. The most scientific name is âÂÂin vitroâÂÂ. In vitro is defined as, studies in experimental biology that are conducted using components of an organism that have been isolated from their usual biological surroundings in order to permit a more detailed or more convenient analysis that can be done with whole organisms. These are limited clinical studies; more research is needed. Youngevity has committed to enhancing their studies by designing even better models that closely resemble the environments of the body."

After adding the above quote to your provided info in your post, which I found on your provided link but in small print to click on, the info you posted is results from, medically speaking, in vitro testing, and has a long way to go to verify the initial test results, including testing in an environment more like a human body.

These results have a potential to be useful treatment in the "War on Cancer", but just that, a potential; a potential that appears to be far off in the future, as of right now.

They are a welcome look into something in the future, but should not be linked to or implied that this is a treatment for cancer, nor should the supplements be used as a treatment for cancer or combined with conventional treatment for cancer at this time.

If one's oncologist says it is safe to combine these supplements with the ongoing cancer treatment, than that is a different story.

I personally would welcome far better treatments for cancer other than chemotherapy and radiation, but until there is something like that, I will stick with the conventional treatments combined with whatever other safe treatments my oncologist would and has recommended for me to use.

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I posted this to show here are people looking for an alternative to main stream treatments like chemo which is 97% ineffective.
or radiation which causes cancer

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It's been said already:

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