I want strong, healthy nails please!

michelle_phxazJuly 19, 2009

I have always been a nail biter, and have worn acrylics for about 15 years. I decided to let them grow out, and realized I didn't have the need to bite them anymore! Yay!

However, the nail base where the acrylics were have grown out so I have un-filed nail beds that are still very soft, paper-thin and tear easily. One is especially bad because it got smashed in a door when I was little.

Also, both my thumbnail beds are lumpy. You look at them from the side and they look like a rollercoaster. I have filed them to an extent, but I don't want to file through to the nail bed and I don't want them to grow out with those thin areas, but even after being fully grown out twice now they are still growing out lumpy.

So my question is what are the best remedies for thin, brittle nails? I have seen the Sally Hansen "Hard as Nails" and other products at Walgreens, are they worth it? I do keep a clear coat on my nails right now, but I want to start painting my nails. I have also heard pre-natal vitamins are good, where do I get them? I have no children!

Also, my toenails are sort of the same way, when my big toe nails grow out they tend to chip off at the corners, so I have to keep them filed down very low.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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The best product I have found is called Nailtiques. There are I think 3 formulas, and I believe one is for people who are coming off acrylics. The product was recommended to me by a manicurist, and I found it at a beauty supply store.

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Well, I don't want to depress you, but some of us just aren't endowed genetically with strong healthy nails. I wanted them as a child, and still don't have them at almost 60. I really think its in the genes.
I don't think any of those products work. Sorry!

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Thanks Socks, I will give them a try.

Catherine, I know I will never have the beautiful nails my husband does (what a waste, he has the best finger and toenails, strong, clean and healthy, and I would trade him in a minute for them!) but I was hoping for something to make my sad little floppy nails a bit sturdier. I tore one in the shower today just washing my hair. Sigh.

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It's going to take quite a while for your nails to recover from the damage caused by years of "sanding" down to allow the acrylics to adhere. The best thing to do is keep them coated with nail polish, multiple coats to keep them from tearing or breaking. There is a product you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply or equivalent near you. The one I'm thinking of has something to do with horses hooves. I can't remember the exact name. This brand has a treatment you brush on like polish and also a cream like stuff you rub into the nail bed and over the nail. You just make it part of your nightly bedtime ritual.

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I second the idea that it will take about 6 months for your nails to recover from the acrylics....maybe longer.
I like Sally Hanson "hard as wraps" top coat, over a base coat and 2 coats of OPI color of your choice.
I also am very very sure to get more then enough calcium and vitamin D and I also take biotin....and protein. I have a tendency to short myself on meats and eggs, so I try to pay attention to eating enough protein....and if I slack off for a couple of months,,,I really notice.
Is there life after acrylics? Eventually!!
Linda C

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Why do you say it will take 6 months to recover from the acrylics? The base that was damaged by the acrylics is long grown out (it took about 6 weeks to grow them out) so is the base still damaged under my cuticle? I always had weak nails as a kid, way before acrylics, so I think it might just be me.

I will definitely go get some of the products recommended, I appreciate it!

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You might want to start taking Biotin and/or prenatal vitamins. Both of these help the nails a lot.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Biotin for nails

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Start taking a high quality soy protein shake daily. This will make a huge difference for your nails and hair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Energizing Soy Protein

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