health care out sourcing..

tuanhJuly 15, 2006

I was reading the New Magazine and it have an artical about

health care out sourcing. It very interesting to find out that now day many people are going to Thai Land, India, China.ect,to have the surgery done and the price about 1/5 of what cost here. Sometime cost is not the issue but the issues is availability of organs transplant, once can wait here years to get a kidney but outsourcing only take afew month. there are many pro and con on outsourcing health care issue, but as long as the cost for health care here is keep on ky rocketing, it will drive people to make alternate dicision.

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I saw a TV program about that. I think it was plastic surgery people were going out of the country for.

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Costa Rica has some excellent dentists, orthodontists, and surgeons, for a fraction of our cost. Plus you get to go to Costa Rica!

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