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bulldinkieJuly 19, 2005

We know this guy when we first met him he had a hole in his front 12 years later theres like 3 teeth now .at times we see him he opens his mouth he has blood comming from the area.What damage can this do after all these years?Seems serious...Couldnt this go to hi brain.not sure theres a whole lot up there but...His dad is the same.Oh how that must ache.

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It sounds like he and his father belong to that group that are so afraid that a dentist will hurt, that they just won't go. It must not bother them. It makes you wonder if they ever look at other people and see healthy gums and teeth. I expect all the teeth will eventually fall out.

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He could easily get a bacterial infection that enters through the tooth root, travels via the blood stream, and infects any organ of the body. Kidney and liver are prime candidates because they filter blood, but any organ is susceptible. Unchecked, this could cause organ failure and death. So yes, it is serious. Tooth loss is the least of his worries as this point.

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A trip to the local dentist can save you a trip to the local emergency room if it got that bad. Meghane is right that a tooth infection from dental carries can lead to systemic health problems. People can and have died from tooth decay that has gotten soo bad that the infection entered sinuses and meninges (covering that surrounds the brain). Please tell these people that they should see a dentist so they can get some help.

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