Confusion over Rug Pads for Harwood Floors, HELP!

libbytrostleAugust 19, 2007

We had harwood floors installed in our new home. The are 5" wide oak board, stained English Chesnut, and finished with water based urethane - Basics coatings. I have two Karastan rugs I'd like to put down. When I contacted Karatan, they recommended a dual type rug pad with rubber on one side (to go against the floor) and felt on the other. When I asked Basics, they said that any rug pad with synthetic PVC would cause discoloration of hardwood floors. They suggested a natural rubber waffle pad so the floors could "breath". When I went to an area carpet dealer - quite reputable - he said the waffle pad will dry rot and stick to the floor. HELP! I don't know who is correct. I'm more worried about our hardwood floors than wear to the rugs. I don't understand why I have to put anything down - the backing of these rugs are not scratchy! And the rugs are large and heavy.

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I just had a similar decision to make for my hardwood floors. After researching online, I called Vantage Industries(longtime mfr of rug pads, a division of Leggett & Platt) and asked them which of their products they recommended. In my case, I wanted a pad that would also provide maximum cushioning but could also be used w/ furniture on top of it. The rep recommended their Super Movenot, which is a dual pad like Karastan recommended to you. I found the best price on it at ($80 for the 8'x11'). It has a 15 yr warranty, I believe, "not to mar, stain, or discolor" floors or carpet.

Oh, one other important thing the rep told me was that if the floor had been recently stained or poly'd, then you should wait 6 wks before putting down a rug pad or rug to avoid lifting of the floor color.

Hope that helps--at least till you get some other replies!

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Most waterborne polyurethane wood floor finishes are totally cured in about seven (7) days. Read the manufacturer's literature to determine when rugs can be spread out over newly-finished wood flooring.

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Thanks for that info, glennsfc. I will certainly be checking into that for my flooring, as I didn't want to have to pull my new rug out of my room for 6 weeks!

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Thanks for the info!

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I have rubber on one side, felt on the other. The reason you can not just put the rug down is because it will slip a little here and there and dirt will work its way through the rug so dirt plus a rug moving is like sand paper on the hardwood.

I also vacuum under the whole rug every couple weeks so any dirt that does work its way down doesn't do any damage.

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