Your Holiday Wishes

Joels_SisterNovember 30, 2004

My holiday wish for this year is that my family and my brother's friends are able to find peace and happiness in their first major holiday without Joel around. I hope that my family, especially my mother, can see that Joel would have wanted her to enjoy herself and emerse herself in all of our old traditions. Joel loved the holidays, loved good food and family. He wouldn't want us to go without.

What are your Holiday wishes?

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My holiday wish is for all those who have lost anyone, either recently or in the past, talk about those lost-to a friend, grief counselour, for a short time remembering the good--happy--funny times. Just a I remember when---did--said--will heal and bring smiles and tears, but with hugs from all day by day we all will get by. Put grief and hurting on HIS shoulders and in HIS hands and He will heal you.

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My wish is for everyone in my family to be kind and loving to each other.

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My holiday wish is to hope that this Christmas will not be as hard as the past ones... my niece died just a few days before Christmas almost 3 years ago now.


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My wish is for the grieving and those close to them to remember those who are not with us physically, but continue to be with us spiritually, and to remember them aloud and often. I believe that each time we speak of them, a little piece of our hearts are restored. We will never be whole again, but every little bit helps.

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My wish is for us all to find peace in our hearts to replace sadness and lonliness that may arise during the holidays. I wish that we can all be graced with the knowledge that we still have others to live for. These people are alive and well and continue to need us whole. I wish that we can remember our loved ones who are deceased with happy memories, but not dwell on our losses.

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My wish is that all of the people here who are grieving can know the peace that the Lord gives to get us through these hard times. My wish for my family is that we can share laughter and tears and our loving memories of Aaron. We have been able to do that so far but I know we are just at the beginning of our grieving.

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