It's been a year since I lost my husband and weird dreams also

millburn_nj_po_momNovember 17, 2009

I can't believe it has been a year (November 6th actually) that I lost my husband. The cloud hanging over me was beginning to rise and then I lost my mother on September 20th of this year (1 week before she would have turned 78). I'm doing ok so far with my mother being gone as she was not in the best of health and lived a full life). I do miss her terribly though.

I was reading the dreams people had of loved ones and thought I would post this one which was really weird.

One nite I dreamt that I heard my husband in the bedroom and I went in there and said to him what was todays date and he said November 4th and then I said to him omg you are going to die in 2 days.

I've had other weird dreams about him still being alive and hiding from me.

I don't know what to make of these dreams.


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Do you have a suport group? Also meds will do this. Maybe staring a journal, writing down notes will help. I think this is a part of the healing/grief as memories seem to come and go, especially with the lost of your mom.

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I'm so sorry.

You've had one stunning blow right after another, & you must be reeling from it.

I don't for one minute believe that these are "real" dreams (ie, dreams in which it's really your husband communicating).

No way would he show up to torture you.

I think they're just dreams in which your inner self is expressing the dismaying sense of loss & helplessness (if you'd known on November 4th, what could you have done? nothing).

I'm with Marie:
find someone & talk & talk & talk.

Cry & holler & blubber if you want.

I'm holding you in my thoughts & in my heart.

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