How to make stairs less slippery?

rmiriamAugust 30, 2011

When we moved into our house, we had cheap carpet installed from Home Depot on the stairs and in the hall. Five years of unending construction later, our stairs are very slippery (they have a curve, and we're often carrying an infant). What is the best way to reduce the slippery factor on the stairs? A better/different style of carpet? Carpet runner? Something else? If I recall correctly, the stairs under the carpet are painted brown and probably original to the 1915 house, so exposing them at all would likely take some work.

We're theoretically done with construction, but will have a little kid running around, so durability and safety are paramount.

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Replace the carpet.

The sliding-stepping on stairs is hard on carpet.

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Wear shoes at home that have enough traction to prevent slipping. As for the kid, not much you can do to prevent lumps and bumps, other than to instruct him/her on the dangers of stairs and the proper way to navigate them.

Replacing the carpet with one that is less 'slippery' is good advice also.

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