cheerful1_gwJuly 24, 2006

I feel embarassed writing about this. I'm usually regular (a few times a week). I haven't "done" anything in the past 10 days. I get the urge, but nothing happens. It feels tender in my lower stomach. I'm bloated, and my weight has gone up. The only thing that has changed is that I'm taking lecithin for hot flashes, and apple pectin to help my cholestrol. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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this is far too long to go without a movement. It's time to call your doctor NOW. there could be a number of things wrong.

And skip the lecithin and apple pectin until you get your bowels straightened out. Don't take ANYTHING unless your doctor is aware of it. People react in different ways to many things.

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Agnes is right. Get immediate medical help. Normal bowel movements should be from 2 to 3 a day. You need to add fibre to your diet. Buy organic flax seeds in your local health food store. Do not buy the pre-ground seeds as they are usually rancid. Get yourself a small coffee grinder and grind it fresh daily. It gets rancid if left out more than 24 hours. Take 2-3 tablespoons a day with meals. I sprinkle it over cereal, fruits, applesauce etc. It has a nutty flavor and is not at all unpleasant. This is far better than the wafers and liquids sold over the counter. This is natural and it works. I take 1 tablespoon daily and I have 3 bowel movements daily. Do nothing until you have been examined by a doctor as you could have a blockage which has nothing to do with fibre intake. Good luck.

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I've been taking Magnesium for my osteoporosis, along with calcium and D. It works very well for the constipation. Thanks to all for their advice.

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