Large lump dischaefged from my vagina

michelle_phxazJuly 28, 2011

I weas douching the othe day in the shower and a large, grapefruit size viscous lump fell out. I picked it up and examined it (I am always intrigued about what is happening with my body, but have never had this happen before.

The mass, like I said was large and a sort of pliable, it kind of reminded me of "Slime", the toy from the 70's/80's where it was a big wad of gooey stuff that could roll through your fingers.

I have no idea what this is. I know I am not pregnant so this one perplexes me.

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This is me shaking my head in disbelief. I don't know if you are seriously asking this question but, I'll answer as if you are.

If you can stomach picking the mass up and playing with it, you should have put it in a plastic bag and into the freezer until you could get in to see the doctor. I doubt anyone here can tell you what it was but I'm sure they will all agree that you need to be seen by a gynecologist to determine the problem. A grapefruit size lump is NOT normal.

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Grapefruit size? I'm with Pris on this one.

What color was the substance? What did you do with it? Is there any residual substance remaining of the same type (meaning that it's still being produced)? If so, gently wipe with a Kleenex or something, bag it, and take it to your doctor. IMMEDIATELY!

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Yes, this is a serious post, and I figured it out. My doctor has me on the Pill continuously, never taking the placebos so I haven't had a period in over 12 years. What the stuff was is the accumulation of ovulation (sans egg, of course) that just collected and all came out in one lump. Now, thinking back, I haven't had the discharge in several months, so this makes sense.

The color was like Vaseline, an opaque yellow, but the doctor said it was fine and if I have any more problems to call her.

Okay, maybe the fruit size was wrong, perhaps a medium orange or small grapefruit.

Thank you for your concern and help, I really appreciate it and will post back if I find anything else out.

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Sooo happy you talked to the Doc. I would never have guessed that one. Actually, I've not heard about never stopping the pill at least periodically. Every few months or so but then I haven't had to concern myself with it in a good while. 12 years. Really? I'm surprised your doctor didn't warn you of this possibility. But then, I wouldn't have remembered if they had after 12 years.

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I have mishapen ovaries and periods for me are like someone cutting me open with a rusty butter knife. It is the most horrible pain I have ever experienced (I don't have children so I can't compare that) but it was either do a hysterectomy or do the Pill trial, the pain was a full blown 10 on the pain scale. This was still in study stage back then and for me it was the perfect answer. No PMS, no period, no pain.

I am seeing my doctor Monday for my yearly exam, so if anything is out of the ordinary now I will let you know. Thanks for your concern!

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Maybe it's time to consider having your ovaries removed. Since they aren't functioning because of the pill, they won't be missed.

I think that this type of surgery can be done with laparoscopic incisions now. Tiny incisions, tiny scars.

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I disagree, agnespuffin. Removing her ovaries would cause hormonal problems that are irreversible. Possibly throwing her into premature menopause. Leaving in the ovaries is the reason for partial hysterectomies. It eliminates the need for hormone replacement therapy after removing the uterus. HRT is not only for hot flashes and menopausal symptons. Estrogen also protects your bones and heart. Why mess with that at her age and chance brittle bones and heart problems at an early age?

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I am with Pris on this one, I have hypothyroidism and my hormones are so messed up to begin with. We are finally balancing them with Synthroid and I don't want to have a procedure I don't need if there is a tiny pill I can take daily that will do the same thing without disrupting my hormonal balance.

When I see the doctor Monday I will ask but last time we visited this option we both agreed it wasn't in my best interest. Thanks though!

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Upsetting your hormones isn't the only thing a hysterectomy can do. You could get a blood clot in your lungs, and after that, no hormones at all. I have lived with this situation for 33 years. Premature menopause is hell. I'm 77 now and still having hot flashes.

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My gyn told me to hang on to my uterus and ovaries,I need them..They do more than you know.old dr agnes up there..

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Old dr. agnes is 81 years old and knows many many women that had ovaries or uterus removed. Sometimes it's the better choice. Agnes had hers out at the age of 40. It improved her life about 95%

Agnes also worked for a Gynocologist practice for years. Artificially stopping the menstual cycle for years can cause problems too. Some doctors do not agree. If you happen to have one that thinks it OK, fine! Time will tell if she is right.
Good Luck!

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